Echoes Of Emma

Echoes Of Emma

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



Emma has a hard life while somehow keeping her sunny disposition. She doesn't know what she is missing until she starts experiencing life through someone else's eyes.
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Emma has a hard life while somehow keeping her sunny disposition. She doesn't know what she is missing until she starts experiencing life through someone else's eyes.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Beach

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Emma finds herself escaping the dingy smelly hotel without leaving the room

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 07, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 07, 2017



It's late, late enough that most people would consider it to be the start of a new day. The air is clear and calm with a cool breeze passing through the grass carrying the smell of the salty water along with it. The beach lay quiet with the only sounds coming from the rippling waves barely reaching the shore and the distant laughing of a couple walking through the sand on their way home from a night well spent. The moon is still high in the sky holding on to its dominance for a little longer, shining bright in the clear skies above lighting the beach for miles around.

Among the peace and laughter sits a girl. A beautiful girl in a white sundress covered in sand sits quietly in the tall sharp grass with her chin on her knees. Her glossy bright green eyes watch over the waves as they move up and down the sand with her gaze never moving as if frozen in place. She is alone and despite the warmth of her surroundings she feels nothing but cold air and damp sand. Finally moving her gaze, she looks past the waves over the horizon to the lights on the city off in the distance. All those happy people, with their happy lives and happy faces, why do they get to be happy? she thought. She raises her chin off her knees and takes a deep breath 'Don't worry about me! I'm just as happy as any of you!' she said 'I don't need any of you!' as she breaks down in tears for what seemed to be the hundredth time.

Sobbing and wet she raises her hand wiping the tears and other fluids off of her face and onto the sand 'Great, now I'm talking to myself alone on the beach, good job Emma you are such a winner' she looks down at her hand 'and now your hand is full of snot and sand, you are on a roll'

'Hello?' says a voice behind her

Emma quickly snaps around looking for the sound. Her eyes are sore and puffy from a night of tears but as she looks around she spots a bearded young man in shorts and sandals walking up to her. 'Hi' she says as she wipes away the fluids on her face without realizing it was the same hand from before still covered in sand.

'Are you alright?' says the stranger


The man comes closer pointing to his face 'You have a little something on your face there'

Realizing she has sand, snot and tears all over her face she frantically looks around for something to wipe it off, patting all around the sand as if she were going to find a nice clean cloth 'I'm sorry, I'm a bit of a mess right now'

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out some tissues 'I have these if you would like them' walking closer to Emma he reaches out his arm offering them to her. 'I'm Sam'

Emma reaches out her hand and takes the tissues 'Emma' she says 'Thank you'

'No worries, I have pretty bad allergies so I always have some with me, you are lucky I found you'

'Sure am' Emma says as she wipes the sand off her face again 'Thank you again, Sam was it?'

'Yea, Sam's the name, tissues my game'

Emma laughs for the first time in what seemed like forever. 'Can you help me up? I don't want to get any more sand on my hands' she reaches her hands up for him to grab, he obliges and quickly pulls Emma to her feet 'That was pretty lame, the whole "tissues my game" bit'

Sam quickly let's go of her hands and wipes his hands on his pants looking down at his sides 'Yea, totally but it made you laugh right?'

'Yea, thanks for that too...I needed it'

Finally, able to see clearly Emma focuses her eyes on her savior. Holy hanna he is cute. She scans his face from his striking blue eyes to his beard that she can clearly see needs a good trim and she likes everything she sees 'I really appreciate the tissues and the laugh Sam'

Sam smiles at Emma and gives her a little nod 'You have a good night was nice meeting you, I'm glad I was here to help' he says as he turns to walk away


Sam stops to turn around and look at Emma.

'I had a really bad night, as you can probably tell, I know this is an odd request but do you think you could hang out for a bit?...I could really use someone to talk to and you seem like a nice guy' Waiting for a reply Emma can't help but realize how desperate she is sounding and begins to speak up again 'Actually it's-'

'I have nowhere else to be, why not'

'Ok' said Emma 'Would you like to take a walk?'

Sam picks up Emma's sandals and gestures for her to proceed in front of him.

Emma starts walking down the narrow path made up of old boardwalk planks, soft sand and sharp seaweed that had been pushed up on shore long ago. 'Ouch!' she says as she starts to hop on one foot 'This seaweed is really sharp'

'Do you want your sandals back?'

'No, I just need to pay attention to where I am going'

'I could carry you'

Emma looks over at him and for some odd reason actually considers his offer. What is going on here? she thought. I am in no shape to be falling for this guy, I shouldn't even be using the word falling, I just met him. Pull it together Emma, just play it cool

'Nah, I'm good' letting off a cool collected reply hoping it would mask her real feelings.

Sam looks at Emma 'So....I'm not really sure where we are here, I know we just met but I have seen your face full of snot so I figure that makes us friendly at least?'


'Well, I was wondering why you were sitting in the dark by yourself, it's not really that common of a thing to come across in the middle of the night'

Emma looks up at the sky and takes a deep breath 'You are going to think this is silly'

'Try me'

'Alrighty, well, uh'

'It's ok, if it's too personal I understand, I am not going to pry.'

'No, no, it's nothing like that' Taking another deep breath she blurts it out 'My best friend, she died recently'

'I'm so sorry..what happened?'

Emma's pace slows down to a crawl, she starts to feel a pit in her stomach and takes another deep breath. 'She was hit by a car, we were going for a walk, I stopped to pull a rock out of my shoe and Molly kept going.....the driver didn't see her in time'

'Oh my god'

'Last night my family and I buried her here at the beach, it was her favorite place'

Sam looked confused and stopped in his tracks to look of at Emma. 'You buried her at the beach?'

Emma felt this wave of embarrassment flow over her. 'Molly...molly was my family pet' The sadness had now turned to an all-out effort to explain herself 'I worded it wrong, you must have been thinking of a person, I'm sorry for the-'

'You know when I was 13 my pet rabbit Jerry died. He was my best friend in the whole world, mostly because I didn't have any friends but still; I loved him. He followed me everywhere I went in our house and even in our back yard. He loved to play and cuddle and when he died a piece of me died as well. Some people think animals are just things we keep around to have something to play with but they are so much more. I understand why you were crying and I'm very sorry about Molly'

Emma could not believe what she was hearing. This man somehow just managed to make his way into her life with some tissues and a walk on the beach. What did I do to deserve this? He is amazing. She turned to him and kissed him on the cheek 'Thank you for listening'

Stunned Sam lets out a nervous laugh, brushes his arm with his other hand once again looking down at the sand 'Hey no know in a way I am kind of glad you were crying in the sand tonight...Not, not, not that I am glad you were sad, I mean I'm glad you were here..for find you'

'It's ok, I know what you meant'

The two made their way along the beach and found a place to sit and continue their conversation. They discussed old boyfriends and girlfriends, cars, jobs, family and everything else they could possibly think of to keep the conversation fresh and moving. It was easy, Emma loved hearing the stories about his first kiss all the way to what brought him to the beach that night, which to her surprise was the same party the couple earlier must have come from. She was happy and excited at the prospect of this amazing new person in her life when she felt she needed it the most. She hung off every word, imagining a life with this stranger that she feels so strongly for already. It was natural, easy and perfect.

Hours passed and the sun had started to make an appearance over the horizon and some early morning walkers from the local retirement home had started to make their way to the boardwalks wearing their jumpsuits and large sunglasses. The birds are chirping away as they bounce around the grass looking for grubs. Emma and Sam had been there all night getting to know each other.

'I have to go' said Sam

Emma glances over at Sam with a forced frown 'Really? You just got here didn't you?'

'I have work, gonna be pretty tired I think'

'I'm Sorry for keeping you up so late, I really needed it and so glad you found me'

'This was one of the best nights of my life, no need for scratch that, this was the best night ever'

Emma moves her gaze from Sam's eyes to his lips. I really want to kiss him she thought. Struggling with the thought she went back and forth from his lips to his eyes. You can do this. While gathering the courage Sam goes to stand up, Emma grabs his wrist and pulls herself to her feet. 'Sam?'


'Uh..ok, I will see you later maybe?

'Totally, I would love that? How about tonight? Maybe we could meet up here again? I can come by tonight around 11. Is that too late for you? I'm asking a lot of questions aren't I?

Emma can't help but laugh at him. 'Yes, that is perfect. I will see you then'

'Can I have your contact just in case something comes up' said Sam 'Not that it will, but just in case.'

Emma lifts up her wrist and presses it against Sam's, a little light flashes on both of their wrists

'Now I have you, never gonna get rid of me now' said Sam

'Oh no you have it all backwards my friend, now I have YOU'

Sam smiles and gives her a kiss on her cheek. Emma's heart flutters and a million butterflies dance around in her stomach. She shoots Sam a huge smile, she couldn't possibly smile any bigger. 'Have a fantastic day Emma' he says as he picks up his sandals and the used tissues and turns back to whence they came. Emma sits back down, imagining what this could all possibly mean.


That night..


The hot sun has set once again over the horizon as it has many times before, the air is warm, much warmer than the previous night and the breeze is slow carrying a hint of the seawater aroma with it. Emma has arrived and is standing far behind Sam collecting herself before the big meeting. Play it cool, nothing serious, just gonna hang out like last time she thought. Trying her best not to make any noise she watches him sitting on an old bench tossing a balled up piece of seaweed up and down as he waits. Finally prepared to go over she yells out to him. 'Hey you'

'Emma, I'm so glad you actually showed up, I was afraid I was going to have to track you down' he says while gesturing to his wrist.

'You seriously think I wouldn't show? I'm insult-' Emma trips over a rock partially buried in the sand.

Sam jumps up off the bench rushing over to the now face down Emma 'Are you ok?'

Emma lays there. There is no way I just did that; I did not just fall on my face in front of this guy she thought. Raising her head, she blows the sand off her lips and face with a huff 'I can't believe I just did that' She looks over at Sam with a grin 'You always seem to be finding me in embarrassing situations'

'Well I will try my best to trip over something to even things out a little'

Emma lifts herself up to her knees brushing off her hands 'You are amazing'

Without missing a beat Sam replies 'and you are adorable'

Sam helps her up the rest of the way, picking up her sandal that somehow managed to fly up over her head into the tall grass. Up and walking they make their way toward the beach.

'No matter how many times I walk in the sand I am still surprised at how soft it really is' he says as he kicks the sand around.

Emma didn't say a word to him, just looked at him with a devilish smile.


She remains silent keeping her eyes on him. Slow down she thinks to herself. You just met him.

The path began to narrow and Emma moves ahead of Sam, she turns around and walking backward she puts her hair in a ponytail keeping eye contact with Sam while shooting him a smile. 'Come on handsome, see if you can catch me in the soft sand you are so fond of...If you catch me I will give you a great big wet kiss!'

'You're on!' he says as he drops the sandals to chase after his prize.

Emma had managed to find her way behind a bush just around the corner from him, she knelt waiting for the perfect opportunity to jump out and scare him. I can't believe I just told him I would kiss him she thought. The breeze was nonexistent now, everything was quiet except the low splashing waves in the near distance. Under her bare feet she could feel the crunch of that hardened sharp seaweed again. Doing her best not to make any sound she tries to adjust her foot to stop the pain but falls and lets out a quiet grunt.

Sitting quietly in an awkward position from her fall she peers through the grass and watches Sam turn to see what the noise was. She doesn't move a muscle in hopes that he doesn't spot her so she can keep her little game going. I am so funny she thinks to herself. He can't see me; I've got him right where I want him.

After searching the grass Emma sees Sam walk away and make his way from the path and into the open beach. Not impressed by this lack of sportsmanship Emma decides to get up off the crunchy sand to confront him. Standing up she feels the sand all over the back of her thighs. I wonder if he is interested in cleaning this off for me? The thought of it excited her, a lot more than she expected. Might as well just go for it she thought.

Emma darts through the sand 'Ahhhhhaa!' she yells as she jumps on his shoulders. She wraps her arms around his neck trying to keep balanced in position she had thrown herself into. Sam looks up to see Emma's smiling face looking down on him.

'Hey you' he says


'I thought you ran away?'

Emma does her best to hold back a smile and puts on her best angry face 'You were supposed to catch me remember? Not go off and sit in the dirt'

The moonlight was beautiful, the waves soothing and the sand was warm, everything Emma envisioned as a perfect night. As she perched there looking down at him she can't help but feel something in her stomach, not butterflies because that doesn't do this feeling justice, this was something much more intense, something that makes butterflies seem like kids stuff. Her feelings were much more serious and focused.

'You are beautiful Emma; do you know that?'

Making eye contact with Sam she stares into his eyes thinking to herself how serious this is getting. Am I really going to do this? She pauses for a moment; Why not, we are both adults, why shouldn't I have a little fun? She slowly lowers herself down off his shoulders.

Sam pats the ground inviting her to sit down beside him

'No, I don't want to get any more sand on the back of my legs, I have no one to clean them off for me'. She knows exactly what she is doing, heart racing, stomach turning and face flustered at the thought of what might come.

Sam removes his shirt and lays it on the sand for her to sit on 'Sit' he says

'Thank you kind sir' she says in her best southern belle impression as she sits down. Spinning around on the sand Sam positions himself behind Emma sliding his arms around her stomach.

Chills run down her spine as he nuzzles his face into the nape of her neck releasing a slow warm breath. Turning her head, she looks up at Sam as he looks towards the water. 

'This is really beautiful you know?' says Sam 'I love the romance of the beach and the sea smoke is so calming to watch'

'Yea, I love the beach, I used to walk along here all the time with Molly. But..wait a second..what is sea smoke?'

'It's the haze hovering over the water, its calming and we hardly ever see it since the sun burns it off every morning'

They sat there silently for a moment just looking out at the water and Emma pipes up 'That's fog, you're talking about fog'.

Sam laughs and confirms her statement. "Yes, fog, I've always called it sea smoke since I was a kid and can't remember where I got it from"

After a moment of silence Emma feels his attention slowly turning back to her neck with his lips coming ever closer. Another chill runs down her spine as goosebumps fill up her arm. He turns his head slightly and the hair from his beard tickled her neck, she snapped away from him causing her long blonde ponytail to whack him in the face.

'Ouhhh my eye!'

Concerned she stops right away to see if he was ok only to find a devilish smile on his face.

'You jerk! she says slapping his leg.


'I thought you were hurt, you made me feel bad!'

'Do you really feel bad?"

She can't help but form a smile 'Maybe...'

They both sit there looking to the water in limbo for what seemed like an eternity. Sam pulls his arms tighter around her waist and nuzzles his face back into her neck. She runs her hand along his exposed arm and feels that it is cold 'Do you want to put your shirt back on?'

Without thinking he blurts out 'Nope, I'm good, but you can take your shirt off if you like'

Caught completely off guard Emma lets out a laugh. I can't believe he just said that, ok here we go. 'I'm not wearing a shirt, I am wearing a dress and I can't take that off unless I want to be naked on the beach'

'I wouldn't want you to get cold.'

'It's not that cold out here' she says knowing exactly what her words implied.

'Really?' he smiled 'Are you sure?'

'On second thought no it is too cold'

Sam starts to talk but she cuts him off 'But you can keep me warm right?'

Immediately he tries to pull her dress off even though she was still sitting on it 'Hold on, I'm sitting on it...Let me help you here.' She stands up and turns to face him. Eyes glued to her body Sam watches as she stands up, the sand falling from her legs. He looks up and grabs her hips to turn her around so he could pat the sand off the backside of her dress.

'Don't bother, it's going to get sandy anyways, we need something to lay on'. Holy shit this is happening; this is happening she thinks to herself trying to keep it cool on the surface. She slowly lifts up her dress exposing her backside, she looks back to see if he is watching and continues to pull her dress up over her head.

Sitting there looking up at Emma Sam lets out a gasp forming a "wow" with his lips. She turns to face him and kneels down on the ground in front of him never losing eye contact.

'See I told you that you were the most beautiful girl in the world' he says immediately regretting it.

'I don't think you ever said that'

'I was thinking it'

Emma ignores his reply, she is focused and nothing is going to distract her. 'Now tell me, now that my dress is in the sand and I am in my underwear you seem a little overdressed, don't you think?'

'Oh ya' he says as he starts to undo his belt without losing eye contact with Emma's body. Finally, the belt comes loose and....

'....EMMA!!...' yells a voice snapping Emma out of her trance 'Get down here right now!'

She pulls the band down around her neck and rushes out the door stumbling down the hall towards the stairwell...

© Copyright 2017 Christopher O'Neill. All rights reserved.


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