Echoes Of Emma

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This is an unfinished, well barely started chapter 4. I've tried a few different ways to go about this and this is the direction I am going to take. I was hoping for some thoughts on the little bit I have so far. Thanks!

Chapter 4 (v.1) - The Search

Submitted: May 14, 2017

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Submitted: May 14, 2017



*******This is an unfinished, well barely started chapter 4. I've tried a few different ways to go about this and this is the direction I am going to take. I was hoping for some thoughts on the little bit I have so far. Thanks!*******



Standing in the doorway frozen in place Emma's emotions run the gambit. Sadness, confusion, fear and even hope flow through her body. She knows where she is, the rubble under her feet and the paint peeling from the walls relentlessly remind her that THIS is her reality and that THIS is where and who she is. Slowly the tears stop flowing, her face grows still and her eyes come back into focus. The emotional waves have all merged into anger. Anger over the thoughts in her head, the lies her eyes are showing her and the childish hope she let herself dive into, she was done with this place and these feelings.

'Screw this'

Emma walks out of the doorway of the bathroom and darts toward the tall broken doorway. 

'There is no way this is anything but a trick, some kind of mind reading, brain melting bullshit'

Walking toward the broken cracked doorway Emma grabs her bag she dropped, wipes the tears off of her face and places a hand on the door she managed to push open just a few moments ago. Grabbing the wooden plank she pulled to no avail. 'No way, I am not gonna stay here one second longer, you are going to open you bastard!'

Emma drops her bag and grips the wooden slab with both hands and pulls with a force much greater than her small frame should be able to muster but it does nothing. Emma looks up and down trying to find whatever is keeping her in this hell of a room but finds nothing in her way. Frantically she grabs the doorway, lunging her body back and forth with such relentless intensity she collapses to her knees in exhaustion. With her head slung low and arms limp and lifeless to her sides Emma takes in a breath to let out a sigh

'You win'

On the ground, defeated and emotionally drained Emma's body heaves up and down with each breath. Wanting to move she lifts her head bringing her eyes in line with the bright sun cracking through the victorious doorway exposing the dust floating in the air kicked up from her struggle. Following the light Emma's focus finds its way through the opening to the trees and concrete just outside her doorway. Breathing in deep through her dust filled nostrels in an almost matter of fact way Emma lets out a few words 'Sarah, I could really use some help right about now, any chance you could swing on by and help a girl out?' she says as if Sarah was standing on the other side of the doorway. 'No? Didnt' think so, thanks anyway though, I got this'

Emma lifts her arms from her sides and places them on her thighs as she slides her feet under her she stands up, swollows her emotions still flowing through her body and dusts herself off. 'Ok, if you wont let me out I'm gonna find my own way.' she turns to walk away but quickly turns back to the doorway as if talking to a living breathing person continues with 'Oh and yes I know I talk to myself a lot, it helps me think, but you wouldnt know anything about that because you are just an asshole doorway who wont let me yea, bite me.' Turning back around she raises her arms to her back and pulls off the now suffocating sweater and tosses is onto her bag. Ok, there has to be another doorway somewhere she thinks to herself.

Shuffling her feet through the dropped debris from the ceiling from years of neglect Emma searches from corner to corner of the forgotten ballroom.


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