World Of Waves

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Samara lives in a "World Of Waves" as her fear pushes her back and forth. Read as Samara experiences her dark past in China.

Submitted: May 07, 2017

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Submitted: May 07, 2017



“Samara Kyriaki,” Miss Maree announces for attendance Samara hesitates to raise her hand but she does in the slowest way possible. Some snicker at her unusual behavior. Like always Samara pulls her hand away as if she touched a burning pan. Her face went from snow white to blotchy red in a matter of seconds. She did not fit into this class. She was shorter then them all. She was the little flower that bloomed later than the others. Yes, she was indeed four years younger. Samara was supposed to be in 7th grade but now was in 11th grade. In Littlerock Institute, Samara was the most depressed of the bunch.

As Miss Maree continued attendance, Samara with her small eyes started to daydream. She thought about the attractive senior “Darwin Matthew”. His golden hair shined in the sunlight and at night it was white like wolves fur. His eyes were blue like the sea. She could swim in his eyes forever. He also was a great-

“Samara!” yelled Miss Maree. She them slapped Samara’s hand with her ruler. The smack hurts like usually making the last mark left even redder. Her face was still brighter than her mark because the embarrassment went to her head making her overthink it all over again. Being smart did not make her wise.

“Please apologize to the class for wasting my time when I asked you a question,” demanded Miss Maree. Miss Maree did not waste time she would use violence in order to get her way. If you tried to step up to her the tide will still push you away.

As Samara started to gather her words she whimpered, “S-sorry.” With that half the class burst into laughter as the other half looked annoyed with her usually mistakes that seemed to play on a tape over and over again.

“Well Samara, now you can answer the problem on the board.”

Samara started to make her way up to the board. It felt like she was wearing a huge pair of heels as she kept her balance. The problem was basic but with all 34 pairs of eyes on her, Samara felt as if the world was on her shoulders. In a matter of seconds Samara answered the question. She tried to make it to her seat but her math teacher stopped her.

“Please explain,” Miss Maree asked. Samara shacked her head no. She was never asked to explain but she had the choice to but never did. If she had to explain her words would be like bees stinging her. She was allergic to those bees.

Miss Maree just gave her a look waiting for an answer she hoped would come out of her mouth. Instead, Samara started to feel tears well up in her eyes. She was going to cry waterfalls if Miss Maree where to make her answer it.

“Fine, head back to your seat Samara. Me and you are going to go talk after class.” Samara made her way to her desk. She just sat their with all eyes on her again. For the rest of class. Samara felt the tide pull her farther and farther away from life.

After class, Samara tried to escape but Miss Maree puller her away from the doorway and to her desk in the front of her room.

“Well care to explain all this nonsense this year?”

“No,” Samara whispered she felt her cheeks turn red as usually.

“Samara, is their something happening at home?”

“Um………… no.”

“Samara tell me.”

“Father, he came…”


“He’s out of prison and looking for me. He escaped again and he wants me to help him do his dirty work. He’s trying to contact my grandma. But she won’t answer. He says will all be dead if - if,” before Samara could finish she burst into tears. Her father wanted to use her not for love but money and other pleasure. Miss Maree sure was nosy and violent but she did care for her students turn into great people. To do so she would have to teach them the way she wanted.

“We need to call the police.”

“NO, NO, NOO. He will get to me before the police do,” Samara screeched. Samara ran out of the room to get away from this nightmare. Her father did awful things to her when she was younger and she didn’t want them again.

When Samara was 4 she lived in China with her mother and father. Moma was a waitress who worked long hours to get the money she needed for her child and husband. While she was gone she left Samara with her father. She had no clue what happened when she was not around.

In the late afternoon of August, Bai - Samara’s father decided to take her on his business trip instead of leaving her home with Grandma and Grandpa.

They went to an old warehouse that had tons and tons of rust. The warehouse was full of it. It was empty with a few boxes here and there but in it was a man tied to a chair while he was blindfolded. He had black eye you could see under the bandage. As well of bruises and cuts. The man hadn’t eaten in such a long time as well.

“Well, well, look at the american shipwreck,” Bai announced. He then slaps the man across the face in anger. Little Samara had no clue what this all meant. She never seen a man in such pain. She felt as fear boiled out of her like she was a pot on the stove. The look in her father's eyes was mad. It looked like electricity was running through them.

“You should’ve never tried to get me arrested for my drug dealing. I MEAN never,” Bai protested.

“Now your whole family will feel my wrath,” Bai screamed. Samara was one smart girl she never knew how foolish her father was. He let her in on his secret. She learned her father’s true form. He was a scandal, drug dealer, and a liar. She thought of her father as a kind chinese man who would never lift a finger on another man because he believed in Buddhism. Now it was all a lie. Her father said he went out with friends when he was gone during nights. Now she knew where he really was.

Bai then takes out his bag and pulls out a knife with an engraving of a dragon on it. She knew it was from the temple. She burst into tears begging her father not to hurt the man. Instead Bai pushes Samara into the wall causing her to black out. She could hear the shrieks of the man as Bai did his damage.

When Samara woke up she saw the man bleeding to death. He was dying. She looked around and no sign of her mad father. Samara tried to move to the man but realized her wrists were tied together. It was connected tied to the chair the man was in.

The man moaned in pain. Samara was crying as she learned what monster her father was. Her father probably thought she was too young to understand this evil. But she knew from the hurt man and the look in her father's face.

Samara managed to get the lollipop her mother gave her out her pocket. When she tried to stand she felt she was wearing huge heels. When she gave the man the lollipop he smiled in joy.

“Thank you, I came to banish these awful mistakes your father has created and look what he’s done to me. Never end up like me or your father. Run away, don’t let the tides push you out or in,” the man thanked.

“How do you know he’s my father?”

“After you passed out your father was freaking out about what he did to you. He felt awful but knew had to do it in order to keep this a secret. He was ignorant to think you could come a long.”

“You are one strong man, tell your name so I can find you family.”

“My name is Tyrell Shen, but there's too much Shen’s in the world. My family will be safe, I know.” He and Samara start to cry. The man sobs silently as Samara sobs loud.

“Y-you c-can’t die,” Samara pleads.

“It’s to late for me, but not you,” as the man’s stops crying his breaths get heavier and longer. You can tell he is running out of blood as his skin becomes paler. As his eyelids goes heavy Samara screams. She has to live with this monster. She screams more and more but is is smacked with a metal object in the head causing her to black out once again.

Samara wakes up in bed, with her mother looking down at her.

“I’m going to work dearie,” Moma tells. Samara knows this is her chance to tell her but as Samara is about to tell her fathers is standing in the doorway. Samara’s eye’s open quick as if the sun was in her face she was speechless. Knowing her and her mother were in danger she tells her. Instead she tells mother she loves her.

As moma leaves, Bai get’s closer to the bed. Samara tries to hid under the cover but realizes she’s too big.

“You will never say anything about what you saw! I mean it, I don’t even want to her you speak, you and moma will a hard time if I hear a word out of your mouth, Bai explains. The words pounds against Samara’s heart instead of her brain. she’s know what she will do now on.

For three more years, Samara leaves in fear. It’s like a caged animal was in her trying to get out. If it did get out she would hurt those she cares for. She would never want to be that monster again.

One day mother was cleaning when she found dad's stash. She headed to the police when Samara was at Grandma and Grandpa’s. She never came back but Bai did. Samara knew who had done it. Samara knew when mom went missing it was because she found out.

Samara’s mother was found killed in a ditch. Bai was arrested for murder and drug dealing. Samara has never seen her father since that day. She left China and moved into her mother’s parent’s home in New York.

Now Samara doesn’t talk. because she remembers since four why her father never wanted to hear a word. She remembers Tyrell’s words “.......don’t let the tides push you in or out.” He meant don’t let Bai make you help you by when tides pulled in. When the tides pull out don’t try to save the day or don’t try to be free or he’ll come for you. Those words are what Samara live’s by now. She realized life is a world of waves. You want to stay in the water but you don’t want to go out as the waves push you back and forth.

After school Samara sat out by the ocean in California. It’s dark and gloomy and the thunders. The tides in the water push back and forth hard. Samara doesn’t speak much anymore knowing her father could be a shadow that looms over her everywhere she goes.

Samara life has been lonely. Her grandparents blame her for not telling her mother sooner of her father’s way’s. It hurt’s her. She has no friends, no loving family members, and no ambitions. She just lives in fear since she was four. Now she was thirteen.

Samara knows her father may never come. If he does what will he do with her. Hurt her? Use her? Or may love her. Maybe he cares for her. Samara never knows anymore because when she left China when she was eight. She was eight, she didn’t fully grasp the situation because she was young.

Now Samara knows things will push back and forth. Like waves as she lives in a world of waves. After school she just comes to this dock to read and stare at the water. She also comes to water to look back at those awful years in China.


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