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A woman remembers her life with sorrow. It seems as if everything she once had was taken from her. But all is not what it seems.

Submitted: May 07, 2017

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Submitted: May 07, 2017



Memories are funny things. Forgetting a moment in your life is essentially the death of a part of you. The person who you were at that time is gone. All the current "you" can do is cling to vestiges of days gone by, like grains of sand in an hourglass. Jenny was reminiscing about old memories as she made coffee that day. Ten years had gone by, but her memories remained as painful as ever. It felt as if no time had passed and that it had been an eternity simultaneously. As she stared vacantly out the window she noticed a figure walking down the hill. "Oh great" she muttered. She recognised her sister from a mile away. The door swung open. "There she is!" Jenny's sister Marie said. "How you doin?" Jenny groaned. "typically" she said. "Aws, sis, you know you eventually have to let the past go. I hate seeing you like this. How about coming up to the courts with me?" "I think I'd rather stay here," Marie said softly as she sipped her coffee. "C'mon" Marie said. "It's just tennis." Jenny's mind began to flick back in time. 


Jenny's earliest memory was at three years old, when Marie was born. In the fragments of the time that remained with her, she remembered being so happy that she would have a companion. She remembered being there when Marie first walked, and she also remembered the dark days that followed. One day, when she was five years old, her father made his usual trip to work and never returned. She remembered that night, waiting for him to come back. She was a nervous child and always afraid for her parents safety if they were out of her sight, so was getting extremely nervous by 9:00. "Where's da-da?" She remembered asking her mother incessantly, but her mother had no answer. She never saw him again. Her mother never told her what exactly happened, just that he was a bad man who didn't care about any of them. Jenny only later found out that he had run off to the Bahamas with some skank, although he died of liver failure only ten years later, so that was consolation of sorts. 


Jenny was snapped back into reality by Marie. "Planet earth to Jenny Trey, planet earth to Jenny Trey" she said with a laugh. "I'm here, I'm here" Jenny said. "So, are you coming or not then?" Said Marie. "Fine, I suppose I shall" Jenny said. "Excellante" said Marie "let's go!" As Jenny walked up the hill towards the courts, the smell of spring wafted through her nostrils. Despite everything, it was the same smell that defined her childhood.


Jenny was always nervous about social interaction as a child. She remembered her first terrified day at school as if it was yesterday. Jenny, at a mere six years old, had no clue which way was up and which way was down in that place. She had to show the teacher her lunch to prove she had finished in order to go play, but Jenny never finished her lunches, it was just a habit of hers. The nature of memory was very apparent to her even at that age. As she sat in the corner of the room weeping at the end of the day, she became acutely aware of the possibility that she would not remember any of this by the time she was in sixth grade. Little did she know that it would stay with her through adulthood. It was around this time too, that she noticed changes in her mother. She often would simply not get out of bed, and when she was up, she often flew into violent rages for no apparent reason. Jenny was later to find that she had been guzzling mouthwash ever since the departure of her father. 


"Isn't the spring air just lovely?" Marie said as they continued to walk up the slope towards the tennis court. "Gives me all sorts of nostalgic feelsies." Jenny was trailing behind, lost in thought. "C'mon, don't drag your feet Jen, the game will soon be afoot!" Marie said. Jenny reluctantly picked up the pace. 


Despite her social issues, Jenny became relatively successful in her adult years. She had a career as a programmer for a moderately sized software company. Marie was doing quite well too, or so it seemed, but she had decided to take a different path. Jenny remembered receiving the call from Marie with the big announcement. "Me and Mark are getting married!" She said excitedly. "Yaaaaaay! So happy for you two!" Said Jenny. "When's the big day?" "November 28th" said Marie. "I'm going to send out the invitations soon, but you're the first one to hear about it." Marie and Mark were truly the most adorable couple. They had met on vacation in Tahiti. Both were trying to figure out what to do with their lives, and they met by pure coincidence, clicking instantly. Jenny was a bridesmaid at the wedding, and it truly was wonderful. The next two years were the best in Jenny and Marie's lives. Mark and Marie were talking about starting a family. But then came the day everything changed. One night, the police had shown up at Marie's door, informing her that Mark had been killed by a drunk driver. Jenny remembered Marie calling her in tears that night. Things would never be the same again. 


As Jenny and Marie reached the tennis court, Marie said "let's play ball! Sister vs sister! I know this'll cheer you up!" Jenny knew it wouldn't, and she also knew that Marie probably knew the same, deep down. But Marie needed to keep her happy face on to stop Jenny from losing it entirely. A noble goal, certainly, but futile, as Jenny's panic attacks were frequent and severe. 


In the years after Mark's death, Marie spiralled increasingly increasingly into depression and alcoholism. She'd often call Jenny, piss drunk, just needing someone to talk to. One particular night, she remembered, Marie called her, drunk and crying her eyes out, having stopped her car in the middle of the highway, and walked into the path of oncoming traffic, miraculously escaping without a scratch. "I can't do this anymore" she said. "I just can't do it Jenny." To add to an already horrible situation, at about the same time, her mother fell ill with esophageal cancer, most likely resulting from her years long affair with the bottle. Her illness was terminal, and she was admitted into palliative care. Jenny didn't think things could get worse, but she was mistaken. One day, she went into work, only to find out that she had been layed off. In the following months she tried desperately to find gainful employment, but she appeared to have been blacklisted by every company she went too looking for an opportunity. Things had never been worse, and they never could be. Or so she thought.


As Jenny and Marie hit the ball back and forth, Jenny showed a distinct lack of interest. "C'mon, do it with some gusto, sis!" Marie said. "Oh, I'm super into it" said Jenny. "Don't give me that sarcastic attitude!" Marie said. Jenny sighed and dropped her racket. Marie walked over and put her arms around her. "Aw, it's ok sis. If you're not into it, we can just go back to your place and make tea. How does that sound?" Jenny forced a smile. "Sounds nice." "Excellente" Marie said. 


Eventually, Jenny decided that this could go on no longer. She had to admit Marie to rehab. She called her one night and layed it out to her. "Listen Marie, if this continues, you're going to end up like mom. I just can't bear to see that happen." "There's nothing I can do" Marie said. "Since he's been gone, it's been nothing but pain. Pain, pain, pain and more fucking pain." "I'm going to admit you to a rehab centre. It's the best one in this state. I'll pay for your stay, your flight here, everything." "You can't do that, Jenny" Marie said. "You're without a job. That would be all the money you have left." "I'll do it for you" said Jenny. "And besides, I'm sure something will come up soon. I've already booked your flight." 


Marie had her arm around Jenny as they descended down the hill. Jenny thought it almost funny how the roles had been reversed so greatly by events between then and now . "It's ok sis" Marie said. "I know it can be tough sometimes. The memories weigh heavy on me sometimes too. But remember, all things fade with time, and soon this shall too." Tears streamed down Jenny's face. She couldn't continue with this life. 


Jenny was horrified beyond belief when she saw the news. A plane crash. Not just any plane crash, but the plane she had booked for Marie. They were calling it an act of intentional terrorism. Jenny fell to her knees and began to cry. Her beloved sister, gone. As she was processing this realisation, she felt her phone vibrate. She was shocked to see that it was Marie calling. She had never picked up quicker in her life. "Marie! Are you there?! Are you ok?" She said. "Yeah, I'm fine sis" Marie's shaking voice said through the line. "B-but, your plane!" "I wasn't on it" Marie said. "Listen Jenny, I've made a deal with some government people. You have to understand, this will help both of us." Jenny was thoroughly freaked out. "What the fuck are you talking about?!" She said. And that was when she saw it. Marie's face, on the television. "The prime suspect is passenger Marie Trey, a known member of the terrorist group FEMEN" the voice of the news anchor said. "What did you do?" Jenny said. "I'm so sorry Jenny" Marie said "but this will give both of us a better life." "WHAT DID YOU DO?!!" Jenny yelled, as the gravity of the situation began to sink in. "They've been tracking this call" Marie said. "They'll be with you soon." A few seconds later, her door was forced open and a flash bang grenade went off right by her head. 


"I don't want to live my whole life in this place" Jenny said. Marie threw her arms around her again. "and what would the alternative be?" Marie said. "This isn't exactly what you think of when you're told about black sites." 








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