EVP Danger

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Submitted: May 07, 2017

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Submitted: May 07, 2017



EVP DANGER:   The Voices Can Come Out of the Recordings


April 29, 2017

10:43 pm

The abuses of these harassing spirit attachments started off mild this morning, but they have gained in strength tonight as has been the norm with my situation recently. Tonight they have been getting “in close” as I call it. This is where I’ll hear a harassing voice(s) get right up to one or even sometimes both of my ears and start speaking directly into it. They usually do this when there’s no source of steady background noise in my immediate environment. When this occurs, the voice is usually fainter, but there’s a type of distinct sharpness to it that makes it noticeable and if I tune into it, I can hear what the voice is saying, though I try to avoid doing this if I can.

  I just took some sleep-aid a bit ago, so I’m just sitting here waiting for it to kick in. I’ve been feeling some of the physical disturbances as well this evening, just as I’ve been sitting in my living room chair and reading a book. It’s been a little more intense tonight than usual. I’m about to turn in soon.  I hope that I don’t have too much trouble getting to sleep. I’ve been lucky recently, they have not been messing with my sleep as much it seems….that aspect of the situation has subsided a bit in the last two weeks. I hope this trend continues and that it in fact continues to improve. I’ve always felt that when I’m trying to get to sleep at night is when I’m the most vulnerable to the abuses of these harassing entities. I’ll have to see how it goes. It does seem that they have been messing with me more just prior to when I turn in for the night recently. I don’t know if they’re just playing some new mind game or what. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

 It’s s little warm out tonight, so I’m going to turn on the air conditioner.  I’m sure that they’ll take this opportunity to harass me more with voices as this gives them a steady source of noise to project their voices over. So, my brief reprieve ( if you can call it that) may be coming to an end. I just have this feeling that things won’t be quite as quiet tonight. I’ll see soon enough.

April 30, 2017

8:23 am

  Once again I seemed to luck out last night and I was not harassed that severely by these negative spirits. I certainly hope that a turning point has been reached. I’m hearing them a bit this morning.  The voices mostly sound like whispers at the moment. If I tune in, I’m hearing them say the same old usual crap…some insults….some threats….and of course they are going on about how they are higher life forms. They have been going on about how they are higher life forms for the past few months now. They are taking this repetition tactic of theirs to an extreme level this time. This has probably been the most frequent thing that I’ve been hearing them say for quite some time. Perhaps they truly are very vain like this, or perhaps it’s intent is to be just another mind game. Perhaps they want to get me thinking about this statement…keep me wondering what kind of “higher life forms” I’m dealing with here. Just from my observations of them, they do always seem to be trying to find an angle to perpetuate their psychological mind games.


April 30, 2017

5:40 pm

  Today so far has been pretty mild as far as these negative voices go. I was out doing some side work this morning and by the time that I got back home, I was feeling extremely tired. I rested for a bit and something out of the of ordinary happened…I actually fell asleep. This was the first time that I’ve successfully pulled off an afternoon nap in months. I can’t even remember the last previous time. Trying to rest in the afternoon is completely different than trying to get to sleep at night in my situation. At night, I take sleep-aids and if I’m still having trouble getting to sleep because of the harassment of these negative spirits, then I have the option of taking more sleep-aid. In the afternoon, I never take any sleep-aid because I’m only trying to rest for a short time. I’m not trying to end my day completely by knocking myself out for several hours.

  For the most part, every time that I’ve tried to rest in the afternoon, I’ve been hit almost immediately with the disruptive physical sensations as well as the voices which are usually never saying anything pleasant. Usually, I would give up even trying to rest after only about 15-20 minutes. I always considered the trouble that I frequently had while trying to rest in the afternoon a good indication of how things would go for me at night if I ever tried to give up on using sleep-aids.  Basically, my assumption would be that insomnia and harassment by voices and disturbing physical sensations would be the norm.


This afternoon, probably mostly because I was pretty damn tired, I just passed right out for about two hours. I don’t recall any significant physical disturbances or harassing voices (at least not until the moment that I awoke). I was out like a light and it was good to achieve this again, though I’m not getting my hopes up quite yet that “the Battle for Sleep” is over.

May 1, 2017

 5:39 pm

  I had a bit of trouble sleeping last night. I probably didn’t get to sleep until about three in the morning. I was dealing with the usual harassment from these negative spirits, but I don’t think that this in itself was why I had trouble sleeping. I went to bed with a lot on my mind, mostly work related stuff, issues, problems, things that have been causing me some anxiety at my job recently. So, I think that really this was was main reason I was awake until three o’clock in the morning. Of course, these harassing spirits took full advantage of this and proceed with their usual abuses. I remember feeling the physical sensations for a while, but for the most part, it was nothing that severe. I’m still optimistic  that my situation, as far as getting to sleep at night goes. is taking a turn towards improvement. But, I suppose that I’ll just have to wait and see.


May 1, 2017

8:15 pm

  It was just an average day really. Some minor harassment from these negative spirit attachments, but nothing that severe. The voices were present, but rather faint this morning. They gained a little strength this afternoon and right now they are very faint again, though recently, it has been around this time of night that they have been becoming more active. I was feeling some physical sensations a little while ago as I sat in my living room chair reading a book. But, it was quite mild for the most part.

  When I did tune into the voices today (which I try not to do) I heard them saying the usual kind of things…

“we are higher life forms”

“you’re not supposed to be a psychic”

  Mainly it was that kind of stuff. They haven’t been attempting to play as many mind games recently it would seem to me. They’ve been using their damn repetition tactic more than anything. This is where they keep repeating certain phrases over and over for long periods of time with intent to be as damn annoying as possible. It would seem to me that they often resort to these kinds of tactics once their other mind games and their fabricated story lines are no longer that effective.

  Well, it’s getting later in the evening now and the voices are still quite mild. Maybe things will be a bit more mellow this evening. I can hope I suppose.

May 2, 2017

6:41 am

  Last night was a bit strange (even more so than usual). I didn’t have a problem getting to sleep per say (like the previous night), but at some point (I’m not sure what time it was) I began to feel the physical sensations/disturbances rather intensely. I was feeling the vibration sensation, but mostly it was the feeling of jabs coming up through the mattress. It seemed like they were trying to wake me up and disturb my sleep. This they achieved admittedly, but fortunately I was able to fall back asleep again rather quickly. The voices were there when I awoke. I’m hearing them now as well, but they are rather faint. It’ just another day. I’ll see what it brings.


May 4, 2017

10:30 pm

Today was pretty average for the most part. The harassing voices did gain some strength this evening and they have been attempting to be quite abusive this evening, as far as what they’re saying goes. I don’t really let it bother me anymore. I don’t really care what they say and just as a personal policy, I never believe anything that I hear from them at face value. They deceive and attempt to manipulate so often, that I simply made a sort of resolution not to believe any of it. In this I have been quite successful I would say.

  If you don’t buy into the contents of their words, then it’s not quite so easy for them the pull you down the rabbit hole anymore. Sure, they still try and bombard me with their intrusive and harassing voices, but I have noticed that they don’t seem to put as much effort into concocting elaborate mind games and story lines any longer, like they once did.

 Back in the beginning of my situation, they would use these more elaborate mind games on me all the time and unfortunately, many times I allowed this to effect me. But, those days are gone. I’m well beyond all that now. I don’t drink “the Kool-Aid” that they are peddling anymore. So, mostly what I hear from them anymore is just the same old things, lame insults, criticisms and of course, those damn annoying key phrases that they keep repeating over and over. I try not to listen at all as their really isn’t any point in listening.

  I guess in a way, it’s like developing a mental shield in a sense. Even if I hear the voices, I try not to let the content of the voices have any effect on me at all. It is truly a battle of the mind.

May 5, 2017

6:45 am

  Last night when I went to bed and was trying to sleep, I was hit pretty bad with the physical sensations/disturbances. It was the most intense it’s been in a while. It almost  seemed like they were trying to give me a beat down. I was feeling the usual disruptive vibration sensation, but also the feeling of pokes and jabs coming up through the mattress. Perhaps with all of my recent talk about how I’ve been able to get to sleep much easier than before, they were trying to demonstrate that they can still cause me problems at night if they wanted to.  Fortunately, I was quite tired, so I did manage to get to sleep fairly quickly, but they did certainly seem like they were on the attack last night.

May 6. 2017
7:26 am
Last night the voices seemed to gain in strength a bit a couple of hours before I turned in for the night. When I did go to bed, a voice was coming through the pillow again. This has just become a regular/nightly tactic now of these harassing entities. But, I did manage to get to sleep rather quickly, which is what counts the most to me. The voices are pretty faint this morning. They are not that much of a disturbance at the moment at all.
  March 6, 2017
6:25 pm
  I was feeling rather beat when I got home from work this afternoon, so I decided to see if I could catch a short nap. I knew that the odds were against me with this, but I was so tired that I tried anyway. Sure enough, as soon as I got into bed, the physical sensations stared up. The harassing voices picked up in intensity as well. Mostly, it was the female voice that I call “Pippy” that I was hearing (as usual).  Things were very tough going at first, but I think that I did manage to get about an hour of sleep.
When I opened my eyes, I could feel the vibration sensation rather intensely. That was that. I knew that I wasn’t getting back to sleep at that point. So, the battle for sleep continues. These harassing negative spirits that have been oppressing me ever since I experimented with EVP for a brief time, have always focused a lot of their efforts on disrupting my sleep routine. Trying to inflict a state of sleep deprivation on me has always been a main tactic of theirs. I suppose this is when I’m the most vulnerable, so they take advantage of this.
Back when my oppression situation began, they succeeded in messing with my sleep routine so severely for a two-week period that I was only averaging about 3-4 hours of sleep a night. The physical and mental strain that this inflicted on me was enormous and the situation only improved when I sought a stronger medication for sleeping from a doctor. At that time, the over the counter sleep-aids just weren’t doing the job.
Things aren’t that bad anymore, but these harassing spirits do still mess with my sleep every day. Some days are better, some days are worse, but they make some effort to disrupt my sleep routine on a daily basis practically. For this reason, I also take a sleep-aid on most nights. I would love not to be so dependent upon this, but I’m just not ready to go without them yet. I have made great progress in training myself to block out these voices and I don’t let what they are saying affect me at all anymore. But, when you’re trying to sleep, all of this becomes far more difficult because you’re looking for peace and quiet and they are looking to deprive you of it.

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