"Announcing the Passing Of..."

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As it appears in, 'Forehead Tattoo' Weekly magazine!

Submitted: May 07, 2017

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Submitted: May 07, 2017




This announcement is brought to you be 'Good Luck Medical' the official insurer of the U. S. House of Representatives


This is to announce the sad passing of Miss America. She was, for years, the beacon of hope and light for every citizen of other nations to aspire to, to throw off the shackles of oppression, the quashing of free speech, and total disregard of basic human rights, and come to America, a place where all things were possible, and you'd be welcomed with open arms, instead of a clenched fist. It was a grand experiment, letting common people govern themselves, using nothing more than common sense as a guide, but, when the election of 2016 proved that common sense had passed on, Miss America lost her will to keep trying, and so slipped quietly into the arms of forever--well, that and being bludgeoned with a shovel by the new president. She was preceded into a better place by her identical twin sister Liberty, and brothers Wisdom, Knowledge, who gave into despair because he was all-but-forgotten, and Freedom. Cousin Oppression and long-lost Grandfather, Dictator, will now try to replace her as heads of the family. Remembrances can be made by Googling ‘American Ideals’ or by voting.

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