This Is Us (second book in series)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Kate tries to move on from Tristan but quickly realizes that it isn't possible. But her love for him is what is keeping her strong. She knows she can't go back to him. That doesn't stop him from coming back to her though. They begin to move on with their relationship but struggles seem to always be coming at them. Thankfully, they both know that nothing can destroy them, not ever again.

Table of Contents

Chapter one

  “Kate. Kate? What's going on with you?” asks my mom with a voice full of concern. “Sorry, mom. I was just... Read Chapter

Chapter two

  My eyes slowly drift higher and higher up Tristan's familiar body. I stop when I reach his eyes. “Damn,” I ... Read Chapter

Chapter three

I walk across the front yard with a huge smile on my face. My smile fades when I see the front door opening. Crap. I turn around and pani... Read Chapter

Chapter four

  Lilly stands at the door in her red Christmas dress smiling up at me. It's like she doesn't even see Tristan. ... Read Chapter

Chapter five

  I take a seat next to Tristan on the floor and grab his hand. “I'm so sorry,” I whisper. “I'm g... Read Chapter

Chapter six

  I slowly stalk over to Tristan and stop when I'm in front of him. This feels so unreal, to have him back and so soon. I d... Read Chapter

Chapter seven

  I wake up too hot. Tristan is wrapped around me like a vine, it's suffocating but in the best way. I almost... Read Chapter

Chapter eight

  My family stands quiet in the kitchen, all staring at Luke.  “I should get going,” Luke finally says a... Read Chapter

Chapter nine

  When we walk back into the kitchen we find my dad at the sink doing dishes. “Hey, are you guys going?” ... Read Chapter

Chapter ten

  After Rachel fills me in on how her weekend went I head back to my room and start to get ready for bed, then I remember t... Read Chapter

chapter eleven

  “I thought you were picking me up out front,” I ask as turn my head to look up at him. “I came early,... Read Chapter

chapter twelve

Chapter 12 I pick up the box and grab my keys out of my purse. I open the door and throw my purse on the floor. Then I inspect the ... Read Chapter

chapter thirteen

 Tristan flops down on my chest as I stay wrapped tightly around him. “I love you,” he moans into my ear again. I grab his... Read Chapter

chapter fourteen

  I move my eyes from Rachel to Tristan and back to Ben. “Umm, that's… Ben,” I finally say to Tristan. “Who ... Read Chapter

chapter fifteen

  I stand at the door, completely shocked. Michael stands hovering in the doorway with a terrifying expression on his face. Hi... Read Chapter

Chapter sixteen

  I try to pull my hand away again but he narrows his eyes at me and holds me closer to his face.  “Trista... Read Chapter

Chapter seventeen

  I only had my- or Tristan's shirt on for about a minute before it was torn off me, along with the res... Read Chapter

Chapter eighteen

  My toes are running through the sand, I'm on a beautiful beach that's completely deserted. I'm running and laughing, I tu... Read Chapter

chapter nineteen

  I wake again to the sound of a low singing in my ear. It's very familiar and shocking. “Are you singing Bad Romance?... Read Chapter

chapter twenty

  After losing ourselves in each other we finally make our way out of bed but only to end up starting up again in the kitchen,... Read Chapter

chapter twenty one

  After lying closely knit together for what feels like hours, Tristan gently lifts his head and looks down at me. He runs his... Read Chapter

chapter twenty two

  I wake up a little confused. I don't remember falling asleep. I'm still cuddling with Tristan's arm and I hear his soft brea... Read Chapter

chapter twenty three

  I slowly open my bedroom door after we are dressed. Our plan is to get Tristan out of the door without having to see Rachel.... Read Chapter

chapter twenty four

  I wake up to my alarm buzzing beside me. I groan and quickly reach for my phone to turn it off. I climb out of bed and dress... Read Chapter

chapter twenty five

  I get home and immediately get changed into my sweatpants, then flop on my bed and try to think this all through. I can't be... Read Chapter

chapter twenty six

  Our lips separate and Tristan moves into my neck and kisses around my ear. “Tristan” I try to keep the nervousness o... Read Chapter

chapter twenty seven

  After having what Tristan called christening our engagement, we stayed on the floor of my bedroom and placed our bets about ... Read Chapter

chapter twenty eight

  I speed walk to my car and jump in. The only place I can think to go in my panic is the pharmacy that has a minute clinic. I... Read Chapter

chapter twenty nine

  After our talk, Tristan and I ordered food and watched a boring movie that neither of us paid any attention to. I was too worr... Read Chapter

chapter thirty

  I pace around Tristan's apartments kitchen. After deciding that I didn't want to hear the conversation he was about to have ... Read Chapter

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