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Submitted: May 07, 2017

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Submitted: May 07, 2017



Grae: please stop those are all I have! I'm begging you please please please! 
She swims after her captive 
Her intricate gold and green tail follows behind creating chaotic movement through out her dark small living space 
She tries to grab him 
Throwing her webbed multi colored florescent hands every which way
But he vaporises right before her eyes
She continues to strike at him. 
Over and over.
She's frantic he's going to ruin everything
Grae: stop it! What am I gonna do if he comes?!
Captive: if who comes… (in a instant he turns her way)
Grae: the mystical being who can drain souls. What of he comes and I have nothing. How will I learn the true mystery?!
Captive: how do you know of soul draining?
Grae: I've heard about it.
Captive: if you want me to stop you'll tell me what  you know about it.
The Misty being continues to bag her miscellaneously packaged soul
Grae: it's forbidden, but worthwhile… I've heard you can see everything the soul has seen. Learn everything.
Captive: you think he'd come here in this murky water… for these pathetic souls… so small and pungent. What value could be in these? 
Grae: its the only option I have. Its not like I live in the most popular spot. Only few come here. 
I've caught ever single soul that's ventured here.
How dare you judge my collection! Your the one stealing MY pathetic souls , what value could these be to you?
Captive: don't question me.
Grae: please just please, don't ….if I had legs this would be different I'd give them all because I know I can go find more..but I don't. 
A tear forms in her eyes 
Tears in the water?
Her tears have an aura of sadness around them.
Captive: can't you just sit out of the water and legs Will "magically" appear. I think your trying to scam me with this Sad sob story .. .
Grae: oh wow I've captured a real genius. Must I prove it to you? 
Captive: you didn't capture me, I came down here on my own, get me some algae. ( calm )
Grae: algae doesn't grow here ….only in the city….
Her sad aura grows. 
Captive: OK. Take me to the city then.
Grae: you've done enough damage here. Your robbing me and then asking for my help into the city.
I'm not gonna do it. Besides you'd have better luck getting there without me! Ive been banned from the city for years.
Captive: your going with me. And you'll lead the way 
(  He shakes the bag of jarred  souls) 
If you want to see these again that is…

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