Lonesome Ryder

Lonesome Ryder

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



After Jen decides it's time to change her ways, she runs off from her friends wedding where she finds herself in a dingy diner at midnight. There she meets Ryder, the man who will change her life just as much as she changes his when he invites her to stay at the historic hotel he works at. Together they help each other through their dark pasts in hopes to start anew.
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After Jen decides it's time to change her ways, she runs off from her friends wedding where she finds herself in a dingy diner at midnight. There she meets Ryder, the man who will change her life just as much as she changes his when he invites her to stay at the historic hotel he works at. Together they help each other through their dark pasts in hopes to start anew.

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“Mr. and Mrs. Litwiller in their first dance,” Announced the MC for the wedding of Jen’s best friend, Marta. Jen was sitting at the head table the sat at the edge of the dance floor. Everybody in the room, besides her, were either teary-eyed or whispering about how lovely they looked together.


Jen merely stared at them blankly, thinking to herself, “that could have been me if I wasn’t the way I am”. Jen felt a hand on her arm and she glanced down at it. The massive rock on the hand of her fellow bridesmaid was being hit by the light perfectly that it nearly blinded Jen.


“You did such an amazing job putting together this wedding, honey. You must do mine as well,” Nancy whispered as she leaned towards Jen. All she did in response was smile as she turned her attention to look Nancy in the eye.


“Sure, but, right now isn’t really an appropriate time to be speaking about your wedding. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be right back,” Jen replied to Nancy and stood up, grabbing her clutch purse and bouquet of silk lily flowers. As Jen hurried out of the ballroom of the hotel the wedding was held at, she realized that in her 25 years of life, she had never felt so alone.


Throughout high school and college, she had never once bothered with wanting to have a boyfriend or attend any social events, it was always just her. Tears welled up in Jen’s eyes as she made her way for the elevators to head back up to her hotel room.


Jen knew, as much as she loved her best friend, she no longer wished to be at the wedding. She wanted to be anywhere else but there, or at the hotel she was staying at, or around Nancy. Jen grabbed her rolling suitcase out from the closet and began shoving all of her belongings into it. She hadn’t packed much for the weekend, knowing she would spend most of it in her bridesmaid dress which she hadn’t bothered to change out of.


With her head held high, Jen left the hotel room, leaving her key card on the desk for Nancy when she returned and a note saying that she would be going away for a little while and to not worry.


As Jen walked through the lobby with her bags and car keys in hand, she could hear the music from the ballroom echoing off the walls. Jen smiled to herself, glanced at the ballroom doors as she walked out of the automatic sliding doors.


The cool fall air swept across Jen’s bare arms, causing her to shiver. She hurried towards her car, shoving the bags into her backseat and hurried into the car right after. For a moment, Jen just sat there with the car running and the heater on full blast and she tried warming up.


“Okay, where to?” Jen asked herself once she finally stopped shivering. She began thinking of all the places that she’d been as a child that she could go and to all the the places that she wanted to visit. “The northeast it is.”




Without thinking much about where she was going to stay, Jen began driving, with no real plan in mind anymore. The music kept her occupied and the frequent coffee and bathroom breaks helped to pass the time. Before she even realized, Jen had been driving for the past five hours and now the coffee was having no effect on her and since she had skipped out on the dinner, she began feeling nauseated.


Jen pushed the feeling aside as best as she could and continued driving along a road she hoped would get her somewhere eventually.


Shortly after, the mental hoping and praying seemed to work for her. A blue and red neon sign flashed ahead of her. “Romeo’s Inn and 24-Hour Diner… Super shady but it’ll do,” Jen said to herself as she slowed her car to a crawl and turned into the parking lot of a dingy looking motel.


There was an anxious feeling sitting in the pit of Jen’s stomach as she stared at the diner ahead of her. There was one boarded up window, the shutter blinds looked completely battered and the door remained wide open.


Jen was starting to hope that it was better on the inside than it looked on the outside. She had contemplated turning around until her stomach grumbled loud enough that she was sure it would wake the dead. Jen decided to just suck it up and got out of the car with her purse in hand. Before entering, she triple checked to be sure she had actually locked her car.


Once inside, Jen realized she was mistaken, it was just as dingy as the outside. There were all of five people in the bar, including herself. A bartender and waitress who was flirting with him, a older man who looked as if though he was completely wasted, another person sitting a table in the far corner and Jen, herself, sticking out like a sorethumb in her bright pink, bedazzled bridesmaid dress.


“Just grab a seat anywhere, miss, I’ll be right there,” The waitress said looked over she shoulder with a grin. Jen lowered her head and began heading towards a booth by a window where she could keep an eye on her car. The entire time she walked toward the booth, she could feel herself being stared at.


The booth she sat at was being held together by an immense amount of duct tape and the table was only stable thanks to a couple of sugar packets stuffed under one of the legs. Jen caught her reflection in the side of the silver napkin dispenser and she realized now how ridiculous she looked. The makeup that had completely transformed her, her hair that was curled and done up in a ridiculous up-do with rhinestone pins keeping it in place and the obnoxiously large necklace that she was forced to wear to please Marta.


After looking away from her own reflection, she caught the eye of the older drunken man who was starting to stand up from his seat. Jen felt paralyzed in the booth and she thought to herself, “oh god no”. Before the man could even stabilize himself to be able to walk over, the person who sat at the table in the corner, jolted out of his seat and rushed to Jen’s booth, sitting across from her.


“Hello there,” He said with a sly grin. Jen looked at him, completely baffled by the fact that a random stranger had just sat down across from her in the world’s sketchiest diner without her permission. “I’m Ryder.”


“You’re very rude,” Jen replied after hesitating a moment. “You can’t just invite yourself to sit with somebody,” She said sternly and was half expecting him to leave. She was in such an unfamiliar place and was unsure of who would cross her path, especially with it being so late at night.


“Oh, my apologies, I suppose I’ll just leave you be and let Harold over there keep you company,” Ryder said as he began to leave the booth.


Jen panicked, knowing that she would rather have Ryder sitting at her table with her instead of an old drunk that would try and woo her back to his room. “Sit, please, it’s fine. I’m just hangry,” Jen apologized with a friendly smile. “I’m Jen,” She introduced herself, with her hand outstretched to him.


Ryder sat back down on the bench and took her hand firm with a quick shake. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Jen. What brings you to Romeo’s in that sort of an outfit? Prom gone wrong?” Ryder asked curiously as he beckoned the waitress over. “Sherry, please come take this girls order.”


Jen stared down at her dress and shrugged. “I’d rather not talk about it, thanks,” Jen responded as she glanced up to the waitress named Sherry. “Can I please just have a massive plate of french fries?” Jen asked with a smile. Sherry merely just rolled her eyes and walked off into what Jen could only assume was the kitchen.


A snicker came from Ryder as he leaned back into the backing of the booth. “I’d be careful if I were you, it seems as if though the bench will give way any second now,” Jen warned. There was no response besides a shrug and from there, the two sat in silence.


Even after the french fries arrived at the table, there was nothing but silence as Jen ate but when it came to her to pay, Ryder had for some reason taken that into his own hands and handed over a $10 bill over to Sherry. “Thanks,” Jen thanked him in shock as she stood from the bench. “I should get going, I’m going to go and get a room for the night,” Jen said as she made her way outside.


Ryder hurried out of the booth and ran in front of her to stop her. “I don’t recommend staying here, the doors don’t lock on any of the motel rooms, trust me, I know,” Ryder warned her. Jen stopped dead in her tracks and stared up at Ryder in shock.


She was mostly shocked by the height difference between herself and Ryder. It wasn’t even something she had thought to notice until he stood in front of her like this. “Okay, well, what do you recommend then?” Jen asked after she pulled herself from her shock.


“I work at a hotel, a relatively nice one, about half an hour from here. I promise the doors lock,” Ryder suggested with a shrug. Jen was incredibly skeptical about his offer and she decided to take a leap of faith and trust him, despite knowing this man for less than an hour.


“Alright, I guess I’ll give it a shot,” Jen agreed as she walked towards her car. “Lead the way,” She said as she got back into her car. At this point, she was far too tired to care about the fact that she basically agreed to run off with a stranger. For all she knew, she could have followed him to a creepy little shack in the woods and as long as there was a bed she could sleep in, she would be happy.


Ryder took off down the road in an older looking truck and Jen followed close behind in her car, worried that she was going to lose him if she wasn’t practically following him bumper to bumper. The drive felt like it took a lifetime and finally, she followed Ryder through a driveway surrounded by a stone wall with a large sign that read “Maple Path Hotel”.


The driveway itself was nearly a mile long, but at the end of it was the most beautiful hotel she had ever seen. It looked as if though it was just a mansion that had been converted into lovely hotel. Jen had found a parking space and let out a sigh of relief that it wasn’t actually a shack.


There was a knock on her window, causing her to jump. Standing there was Ryder with a smile who backed away to allow her room to get out of her car. As she did, she continued to stare at the hotel. “It’s beautiful,” Jen said as she grabbed her bags from the back seat.


“Yeah it is, it was built in the early 1800’s and it was converted into a hotel in the 1970’s. Over the last 47 years, it’s been expanded to allow more room for more guests, a restaurant was built on the ground, the surrounding forest is all maple trees, hence the name Maple Path. During maple syrup season, the owner has these events where he allows guests to go into the forest and help tap the trees. It’s a pretty big deal,” Ryder said as they walked to the front doors of the hotel.


“Wow, he seems like a pretty nice guy,” Jen commented as she stepped into the lobby of the hotel. Again, she was struck with awe at the massive chandelier that hung up in the center, the beautiful flower arrangements that were scattered all over, the dark wooden walls and stairs, the beautiful marble floor.


“Yeah, he’s okay, I guess,” Ryder said with a shrug as he walked towards the front desk counter. He jumped over the desk and opened a cupboard that held all the room keys. He glanced over them for a moment before grabbing one from the top and turned to write in a book. Ryder climbed back over the desk and handed the key over the Jen with a smile.


“Wow, old school… I’m kind of shocked it’s not a key card,” Jen said as she looked at the key down in her hand. “Hey, wait, how much is it here a night?” Jen asked, finally realizing that there was no way a room a night wasn’t wildly expensive.


Ryder smirked and shoved his hands into the pockets of his jeans. “Free, as long as you have lunch with me tomorrow afternoon,” Ryder said and Jen raised an eyebrow at him.


“Won’t you get in trouble for that?” Jen asked curiously and she shook her head with a sigh. “If you won’t get into trouble, I mean, yeah, that seems completely reasonable,” Jen agreed to the lunch.


“No, I’m on the boss’ good side, he can’t fire me,” Ryder said as he pulled his hands from his pockets to grab Jen’s key and bag for her. “Your room is this way,” Ryder told her as he began heading towards the grand staircase.


As Jen followed Ryder up the stairs, she lifted the front of her dress so she didn’t trip while on her way up the stairs. Ryder looked back at her and laughed at how ridiculous she looked having to walk up the stairs that way. “Stop that,” Jen grumbled as she adjusted her dress when she was at the top of the stairs.


Ryder smirked and shook his head at her as he walked down the hallway to the left and stopped at a door at the end of the hall. “This is you,” Ryder pointed out as he unlocked the door for her and pushed it open. “See you at 12:30,” Ryder said as he handed her the key and left her bag in the doorway. He had set the time himself and it slightly irritated her, but she was grateful for what he’d just done for her. It was far more than she could have ever asked for.


Once Jen was in her room and finally found the light switch, she was surprised with a large window looking out at the grounds of the hotel. Jen sighed happily to herself and finally removed herself from the bridesmaid dress and draped it over a desk chair. Right after, Jen pulled all of the pins out of her hair and she let out a massive sigh of relief as she ran her hands through her long brown hair. “Bed time,” Jen happily said to herself as she made her way to the bed.


She pulled back the lovely red duvet and buried herself into the bed, finding herself instantly drifting to sleep, completely exhausted from the day she never expected would happen. Jen knew that there would be consequences to abandoning her friends wedding and not telling anyone where she was going, but at this moment, it was something she was fine with.


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