2 silent friends haunting me

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A story about my 2 best friends who i never wanted.

Submitted: May 08, 2017

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Submitted: May 08, 2017



Let me introduce you guys to my two best friends, they are a little shy, so they probably won't say hi.

Just know they are here.

Let me tell you our story about what we've been through.
We've been together for a while now, they are my two best friends, they have been with me everywhere.

I fell inlove and they where by my side, they where making sure I was taken care of in there own way.

I'd walk down the road and see them by my side, constantly hovering making sure they where seen.

I'd go to work and they'd be by my side, waiting, looking, silently talking. They were always there for me, especially when I'm in bed alone at 3am, they where always next to me, singing, talking and reading poems to me.

They where next to me when I told everyone else I was fine, they where with me everytime I faked a smile, they where with me when I graduated high school, they where with me even when I made my mum smile.

They where also with me when I was in a room full of people, they where always inside that room.

Thankyou for always being there and never leaving. I remember even going to Paris and Sweden with them, I even ran miles with them, although the problem was that I never wanted to be friends with them, I never wanted them around.

Have you met my two best friends? This is loneliness and this is depression, they follow me everywhere, always, every day

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