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Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



Loving someone is nothing but being loved back is something. Everything decides to crush in to Anaelle at the same time. Losing her most loved. More comes in when she must spend the rest of her life with one she hardly knows.
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Loving someone is nothing but being loved back is something. Everything decides to crush in to Anaelle at the same time. Losing her most loved. More comes in when she must spend the rest of her life with one she hardly knows.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Never-ending storm

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Submitted: May 08, 2017

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Submitted: May 08, 2017



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The wispy clouds covered the grey sky that had no trace of the sun. The swayed to the wind that threw more of the dry brown leaves off the trees each time it swished.

Anaelle stood by in the window with the overlapping sleeves of the broen cashmere cardigan tucked in her fingers with her gaze on the far green fields. What was she to do? It had come all a sudden and it had hit hard. For the past nineteen years she had lived, her dad had never suffered from a heart attack.

It couldn't be, he had just been perfectly fine the time she had gone back for her second semester in Milan three weeks back. She put back the strands of hair that had escaped behind her ear. Tears stung at the back of her lids as she sniffled.

A shadow moved behind her. Panic shot through her as she turned wuth fear and bumped into a hard body. Her legs grew unsteady and saw the wooden floor get nearer. She waited to clash onto the floor with her. eyes closed but nothing. The long red strands of hair that were initially tied to a chignon flowed in the air like a waterfall.

She opened her eyes slowly with her face squinted. Green eyes clashed with dark ones. He eyes slid to the strong bronze hands that held small hands. Shifting her eyes nervously to the face, she took in the hard planes of the face and squinted hard to remember where she had seen the face.

Max stared at most beautiful face he had ever seen. He stared at the small female as she took in his hand and nervously looked at his face then squinted. His eyes slid to the long wavy red hair. He had alwayys taken one glance or two at her during the businesd gatherings her dad always arranged twice a year but had never looked into the depth of her green eyes.

He had always appreciated her beauty but had never seen her closely. He had noticed her red hair but always in a tightbun. He had never guessed it would be mid-back.

Jackpot! She remembered the face. She had seen it a couple if times during her dad's gatherings and labelled him the youngest business partner there. Atleast he did not look more than twenty two. At some point she had even considered him a son to a business partner.

He straightened her and removed his hands off her. Clearing her throat and putting her best smile

"Good evening Mr.......-"

"Its Maxwell Weiss."

"Mr. Weiss."

"I had actually come to see Mr. Ramon," he said smoothly. Sadness filled her eyes as she stared at his chest.

"Th..the second room on the left when you ascend the stairs," she said as tears sprung in her eyes and faced the window again.

Max stared at the petite figure infront of him, grief filled his heart, he didn't want to see her like this. He took in the lush curves in the blue denims.

"I would want to ask you of something son," the old man uttered which was more of a whisper.

"Anything for you Mr. Ramon,"

"Please...protect my daughter," he said in between coughs.

Max reflected to his late teen years, in big old house with cranky doors abmnd walls with cracks.

"Why didn't you scrub the porch?" the old bespectacled lady with grey hair questioned him. His lips quivered as his hands shook with fear.

"..twe..twenty seven!" He cried out as the twenty seventh lash landed on his bare back. It was the last string of patience left in him and it had been cut.

Eleven years in an orphanage, each that came a living hell. Enough was enough. In the late hour of the night, Max moved stealthily through the house. Lights flooded as he moved when caused him to stop moving.

"Raphael, where are you going?" The middle-aged nun asked him with concern in her eyes. He had no reply. Ms. Eliza moved towards him and hugged him and git some money from her pocket and gave it to him.

"I hope you are sure about this, son.." she sai as she choked with tears.

"Now hurry and go before they wake up." And that was the day his life changed.

Fortunately, opportunity welcomed him with open hand and he joined a garage where he used the skill he had acquited during his stay at the orphanage.

It was one day that he returned money he found in a car which he was working on to the owner's car that he met Mr. Ramon who was grateful and asked him if he wanted to work as a driver.

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