Gate to Heaven and Hell.

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I, Steven Rouza, am an 17-year-old guy who’s going to graduate from high shcool this year. I’m fit since I practice sports. I don’t know if I’m attractive, but I’ve known many girls who had a crush on me. My life was beautiful, something I was always grateful to have. I was healthy, fit, and smart. My grades were always good which made my parents glad because I’m there only child. Everything was going fine until one day, my life as about to change forever. This is my story:

Submitted: May 08, 2017

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Submitted: May 08, 2017



It was a Friday night, everyone had gone home after training but our coach wanted me to do extra practice since I am our team’s captain. I was done and my coach greeted me with his “Good work today!” I thanked him and went to change my clothes.  I was almost ready to go home until I saw a giant light on my right. I immediately turned to check what happened, and I saw a giant double door opening. I don’t know how it appeared, how it was fitting in the changing room. I didn’t have time to think about it, the door opened and was guiding me to enter. My body moved on it’s own and I couldn’t stop myself. Before entering, a ball was lying on the floor, I slipped on it and fell on the ground and at that moment, I heard a rusty door opening below me and I fell into somewhere. When I hit the ground, I fell unconscious. I don’t know how many time passed. Was it a few minutes? Hours? Days? I finally opened my eyes. I felt something on my belly; it was a black squirrel with red eyes. It wasn’t particularly scary, I almost found it cute.

“Do you like him? He’s called Mel.”

I heard a girl’s voice on my right; I turned my head and saw her. A girl of my age was sitting next to me. Long pink hair with purple eyes, I immediately realized she was different from ordinary girls. She wasn’t scary, she was extremely beautiful and cute, but I felt uneasy next to her.

“Who are you and where am I? What is this place?” I almost forgot that I wasn’t at school, nor at home, not even in my world.” How long have I been unconscious?”


“ It’s been 3 days since I found you so I don’t know how many days have passed since you were here, I came to check on you in these 3 days. I though you were dead because you didn’t move an inch. Oh and, you are in Hell”


“Three days?! That lon..  What? In Hell?”, I was petrified.


“Yes, this is what you humans call our world. The underworld.”


“That’s impossible”, I shouted. “Does it mean I’m dead?”


“For me it looks like your alive”, she smiled. “Don’t you remember anything before you came here?”


“I remember that I was in my school’s changing rooms when an enormous light emerged and a double door appeared ,then opened and I was walking towards it without being able to stop. Then I tripped on a ball and fell to the ground, when I heard another door sound and I felt myself falling.”


“Hahahaha, I see!” she said while laughing.” Someone was calling you to heaven and you fell into Hell!”


“Who would want to call me to heaven? I’m just an ordinary human”


“Only the highest authorities in Heaven or Hell can call a living human to either place. You see, the Heaven and Hell that humans go to when they die are different from here. This is where born demons live and the Heaven you were being called to is where born angels lives.”


“I...I don’t understand. How do I go back to the human world? My parents must be frightened by now since I disappeared.”


“ I don’t know, but I can take you to my father. He’s the ruler of Hell.”


Oh no, oh no! The ruler of Hell?!


“May I ask the name of your father?” I said silently.


“Oh? I thought every human knew him, he’s called Lucifer.”


Lucifer! She said it! I was talking with Lucifer’s daughter and I’m going to meet him?! No! Of course not! I must escape.

I immediately began to run so I could escape and she didn’t seem to follow me. I ran for about 10 minutes and stopped. I looked behind me and she wasn’t there. “YES! I ESCAPED!” that’s what I though.


“Why did you run?”


She was there, in front of me, in a millisecond she appeared before me.


“I... I can’t meet your father! He’ll torture me.”


“Father won’t do that, not unless I tell him to do so. Trust me and come with me.”


Even if she was Lucifer’s daughter, her look while telling me to trust her didn’t seem to have evil intentions. I decided to go with her.

While walking we began to talk:
”Why don’t you just teleport us to your house?”


“It’s not everyday that a human crosses the double doors and goes to hell. I want to know more about you.”


“I’m Steven Balout and I’m 17-year-old. I’m interested in sports and fantasy stories.”


“Fantasy stories eh? Aren’t you living one right now?”


“Well I never though demons would look so cute!”


I froze in my place; did I just call her cute? Will she kill me on the spot? Imprison me in a dungeon for eternity? Tell her father to make me her slave?

No, her response was:

“Thank you, I find you cute too!”

We were silent for a moment then she spoke to me

“ I wish I could live in the human world, even for a short time. It looks like humans have a lot of fun. You see, I don’t have a lot of fun. I’m always in the high court because my father is so important.”

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