Leave My House

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I think this one came out quite well, Enjoy! (Slightly NSFW)

Submitted: May 08, 2017

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Submitted: May 08, 2017



I was awoken by the rustling of leaves and creaking of doors. I heard indistinct speaking. Why had these people entered my sacred land? Their filth destroyed my home. I heard them laughing and talking loudly downstairs, I crept towards the door and looked down the hallway, only to see the decrepit walls ageing silently. I left my room and snuck towards the staircase, it sounded like the voices had moved to the kitchen on the other side of the house. There was a cool breeze flowing from the stairs, blowing my matted hair gently. I could smell them from here. Their stench. I floated down the staircase, reaching the bottom floor with incredible stealth. One of the people had left their backpack on the bench. I reached for it and searched through but found only snacks and useless items. I heard laughter from the kitchen again and the faint words of “hang on, I left my fuckin bag back there” followed by quick steps. I slunk behind the bench and the tapping steps slipped closer. I heard him stop and grab the bag. At that moment I jumped out from behind bench, leaned over, grabbed his shirt and threw my fist at his temple. A king hit, his muscles relaxed and he slumped, held only by my hand on his shirt. I dragged and laid him down behind the bench, after which I pulled out my hunting knife and carved at his throat, the warm blood soaking my hands. The breeze pushed softly on my soaked hands, creating a cold warmth on my appendages. At this point I slowly walked over to the hallway beside the stairs to search for the others, and moved towards the kitchen. In the kitchen where 3 other bags, as well as empty chip packet. “How dare you deface my fucking shrine!?!” I thought to myself viciously. I stopped to listen. I heard voices from outside. And a voice from the lounge room, next to the kitchen. I slipped towards the lounge room corner to get a better look. I saw a head with wavy brown hair sitting in my chair, talking to a phone. The chair was facing towards the fireplace and away from me, so I edged forward knife at the ready. The floor creaked as I neared causing him to turn to me. Our eyes met, his face painted with fear “Hey what are you-“He was silenced as I rushed forward plunging the knife into his chest, in-between his ribs and into his lung. He produced a gurgled grunt as blood spewed from his mouth in large clumps. Seeing the thick hot blood being couched up excited me, bring a smile to life on my face. He slumped backwards and tripped on the chair. Falling backwards into the coffee table, his skull colliding with force and creating a loud thump. I bent down removed my knife from his chest, the room filled by my own laboured breaths and the squelching of the knife exiting the wound. I heard talking coming from outside again, the other two must be returning from the backyard and into the kitchen. I decided to use their friend to shock them, and take them out simultaneously. I sped around the other side of the lounge room to hide behind a large couch. The other two entered the kitchen “Josh! Jacob! Where the fuck are you two?” one of them said “eh fuck them, I’m only worried about when I’m gonna see that hot chick Monica in my English class again!” One of them stepped into lounge room, and was greeted by the view of their deceased friend. “DUDE GET THE FUCK IN HERE” I heard quick shuffling of the feet, which then abruptly stopped “What the fu- OH MY GOD” At that point I stood up quickly, then yelled “THERES A CRAZY GUY LOOK OUT!” The second I flew my hunting knife towards the first person. The knife clipped his throat and chin, sending a spray of blood throughout the room, and drenching his friends light blond hair in a red coat, after which I jumped over the couch and sprinted at the second teenager before he could react and landed a solid punch into his rib cage. I heard the thump of the first teenager hitting the floor. The second teen slumped to his knees, and I knee’d him in the chin with considerable force, jerking his head back unnaturally. He fell backwards, laying in an awkward position. Once again the house was silent, only the sound of my now heavy breathing and the soft dripping of blood. A struggled gurgle caught my attention, I turned to see the first teenager leaning on his side, throat clutched by one red hand. “Why’d you come into my fucking happy place?” I asked quietly. He looked up at me with extreme confusion, with a strange expression on his face. “FUCKING ANSWER ME”! Rage took over me, I kicked him hard in the face with my bare feet, sending him rolling onto his back “guhguhgguh” was the noise he made. I walked over to him, as he jerked weirdly on the floor, blood still slowly flowing out his neck. “You can’t disrespect me, I am the God, and this is my church” I bent down and looked into his dark brown eyes, blood dripping from my dirty beard onto his shirt. I smiled as I said “Time to leave, my friend”. I put my already blood soaked hands around his neck and squeezed. Feeling blood run down my face I felt a giddy happiness as I tightened my grip around his neck. I took a hearty deep breath, as he struggled to take his last. Finally the life slipped out of him. Losing my grip I stood up, stretched my back and said aloud “Not bad” I returned up my room, to catch up some sleep, saying goodnight to my friends downstairs. Once in my room I laid down and closed my eyes, all while smiling. 

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