If Heaven Isn’t Gay

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How heaven should be ...

Submitted: May 08, 2017

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Submitted: May 08, 2017



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If Heaven Isn’t Gay



If heaven isn’t gay

Then send me straight to hell

This heaven is filled with secret sinners

Who lived their life in a shell


If there are no Muslims in heaven

If there are only those of Christian faith

Then I’d rather spend my days burning alive

Then to be bored to death by “perfect” apes


If heaven is filled with those passionate pastors

Who persecuted those who thought differently

Then reserve my place in hell right now

Or expect conflict in your paradise dream


If the sinners I’ve met behind bars aren’t saved

Because of how harshly they were raised in society

Then I’ve made my decision, I hope that you’re listening

Enjoy your heaven without me


If God doesn’t see the heart we have

If He only judges by what we did –

Not who we were

Then …

I’ve made my decision

He’s no different from them

And I don’t even want

To meet Him.



- K.S. Fort





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