Clothes on the Floor

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When I'm alone with you ...

Submitted: May 08, 2017

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Submitted: May 08, 2017



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Clothes on the Floor



You’re wearing too much this evening

Allow me to unburden you

Stretch out naked on the bed

Because things have been too …




Touch freely

Unrestricted is how I behave here

Uninhibited. You don’t need to care

Only need to be aware …


And right now.


You’re wearing far too much

For my liking

Standing much too far

And I’m thinking …


Maybe not too fast.


Walk slowly towards the bed

Remove your clothes piece by piece

Just like I’ll eat you on this bed


Piece by piece …

Move slowly

We can engage in foreplay

For a day

Discover every single part of you

Both inside and outside of you

I’ll make you want to stay

I’ll make you forget about the

Place you live

That’s five hours away


You may miss a few classes

Put your academic career on delay

But that’s just a simple preview

If you decide to

Come onto my grounds and play


Because I won’t be satisfied

Until every neighbor knows my name

And every stranger outside

You smirk …

I’m kinda kidding

But I’m not telling a lie


But you’re still too far away

I’ll outstretch my hand

But I also must demand

That something be removed

Either top or bottom

I’ll let you choose

Because as the sun sinks slowly behind

I want you to come lower to me

As I lay down on this bed

Walk closer and escape into

The summer night

And find freedom on my bed



-- K.S. Fort



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"Sober Reality : Cry Standing"


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