The Deer And The Bear

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Story for children about friendship

Submitted: May 08, 2017

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Submitted: May 08, 2017



Once upon a time, there was a big mountain. On the mountain, there were lots and lots of trees. It was like a big forest all around. In that forest, lived a lot of animals - all kinds. There were a lot of deer, bears, lions and many more. 

There was a deer family, where one day a baby deer was born. They named him Flash, because deer run very fast, like a flash of light! On the same day, a baby bear was born in a bear family. They named him Boo Bear. 

Slowly, slowly, Flash and Boo Bear started growing up. They went to the same school, and started sitting together. They became very good friends. They would sit together, eat together, play together, and study together.

In the same school, there was a baby lion too. His name was Simba. All other babies in the school were afraid of him, because he was a lion, and could hurt them. (Akshaj says, "also because his papa was king of the jungle")

One day, Flash was eating lunch in the cafeteria alone because Boo Bear's class got a bit late. At the same time, Simba came into the cafeteria, and saw that the baby deer was eating alone. He thought he'd have fun with Flash. So he slowly slowly crept towards Flash, and when he was near him, roared loudly! Roaarrr!! 

Flash got really scared, and jumped because of fear. He jumped up, and fell down on the ground. Seeing this, Simba started laughing really loudly. 

Just then, Boo Bear entered the cafeteria, and saw that Flash was on the ground, and Simba was laughing loudly. He was really furious! He ran towards Simba angrily. Simba saw Boo Bear running towards him, and for a bit, was scared because bears are very big and heavy! However, he then roared, and ran towards Boo Bear. 

They started fighting. But because Boo Bear was bigger and more angry, he beat Simba a lot. Simba ran out of the cafeteria crying,"meow, meow". Flash got up and thanked Boo Bear saying that he was his best friend! 

Moral of the story: We should always help our friends. 

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