Eons at the Speed Of Light

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The way I see it

Submitted: May 08, 2017

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Submitted: May 08, 2017



Blitzkrieg means a 'lightening war'
This new blitzkrieg will have casualties galore.
Erosion usually takes an eon plus,
but our givens are being tossed under the bus
Twisted, ruined, rendered, and ridiculed,
this purposeful-looking-away is anger-fueled
Some of us say nothing, where's the hue and cry?  
I really wish I understood the many reason's why
The America I used to know is over and done,
The age of anti-thinking has just begun
Where we used to be standing in the light,
is now only shadows of a never-ending night
Our politicians dance and do the dosey-no,
the dance so frenetic, but nowhere's where they go
Some believe whatever they're told,
unable to see, by a con they're being rolled,
robbed of everything they used to hold so dear,
unnerved by doubts, driven by their fear
Puppets under the control of their master
Dancing crazy, unquestioning, and ever faster
Frantic, manic, hurling towards complete collapse, 
a victim of a misfiring logic brain synapse
I guess I'd better get used to the new dark age.
because they'll be no reading from same page,
or even agreeing on the same set of facts.
The pillars of society have succumbed to his attacks.

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