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Submitted: May 08, 2017

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Submitted: May 08, 2017



Love is a powerful thing

Love can be exhilarating and powerful

But the loss of love can be excruciating 

It can be dehabilitating

Many say it is better to love and lose then never to have loved at all

Yet the pain of losing love can far outweigh that of when love is there


Loss of love can tear a person apart

It can slowly kill someone from the inside out

If people say love is the most powerful emotion 

They have no idea what it is like to lose it

But perhaps that is still love


That love for the one that is no longer there creates villians

Loss can drive you to crazy things and that can go both ways

Loss can create murderers, love can create suicide

What is found in love is found in lack there of

What is found is created from the heart


Creation of monsters and destruction

Creation of sadness and madness

Love is powerful, Love is all

But is it truly better to love and lose

Or better to never know what you could lose?


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