Silent Dream

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
The second instalment of the Unholy Runaway series, the 'Silent Dream' takes place a few months after the events of 'Paper and Fire, Angel and Liar', where a young man and his demonic companion prepare to celebrate Christmas. Not all is well of course, as the two have to go a long way, before they learn to trust each other.

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Silent Dream

Submitted: May 08, 2017

This novel turned out way more romantic than originally intended; that is – if romance is not your cup of tea, don’t read this. As a little kid, I always was a little disappointed about stories ending with ‘happily ever after’ without actually telling us, what happened next. So I tried to break the rule, just a little, and here’s what came out. Can’t say it is bad, but definitely quite soppy; consider this to be a ‘Christmas Special’ of the series.
All the best to you, dear reader.
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