Aqua's Verse

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Just a little poem with some liquidity.

Submitted: May 08, 2017

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Submitted: May 08, 2017



Today I am a raindrop above a vast and stormy ocean

Tomorrow, --- perhaps a snowflake on the land.

I have joined the haunting fog in the early hours of morning

And vanished on the surface of scorching desert sand.


I have turned to ice on more than one occasion

Weather in a burg, a sickle --- or in hail.

I have rested on the leaves in many pristine forests

And on the feathers of the eagle --- and the quail.


I have seeped beneath the soil --- into Aquifers

And road the mighty currents in the seas.

I have joined myself to others --- much like me

And became a source of life for the trees.


What I am is what I've been --- not who I am.

And what I do is what occurs in nature’s way.

That is why I am what I am within the cycles

And just a humble part of life --- today.


JE Falcon


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