The Imaginary Suffering (Her last night on this Earth)

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A poem from my upcoming project Reverie.

Submitted: May 08, 2017

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Submitted: May 08, 2017



If I could describe the surface of the Sun
Somehow omitting the heat and the storm
From fire all unstable that is born
I could describe her first heavenly 'morn.

Yet all I can tell with these earthly words
With these troubled sounds by tether bound
To this dying immovable ground
Is that daybreak did not break her earthly form.

No, the heavens only strengthened what I had adored
The image of  beauty in a mind stored
Locked in a heart, with the keys of Heavenly Lord
 As light is locked in a black hole.

Since she was born in the morning
With the last dying star
Her first day in heaven
Happened in the night.

Her last night on this Earth
Was her first heavenly 'morn
' In the dusk of death' she said
' I see the morning glow!'

Alas, what's the purphose of all these li(n)es?
For she was never born
Nor has she ever died
Unless my mind is a place in the World
Unless a poet is a God.

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