Rise and Fall

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A poem about faith and inspiration put in a Christian point of view.

Submitted: May 08, 2017

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Submitted: May 08, 2017



When you stand in a canoe it can be hard to keep your balance. Likewise when you live life unsure, scared, unfaithful, it can be hard to keep from falling into defeat.
“One cannot be blessed at the same time you constantly prepare for defeat.”

We are deceived by the lie that life is just “good enough” and it can’t get any better, but it can.
“You cannot move on to a better place in life when your roots are planted into the ground of mediocrity.”

When you are doing well in life it can seem that everything is going well and falling into place. You should know when your down that you can rise to better and when you’re up, you can still rise so you may soar like eagles and never fall down. We can bend, but we won’t break.
“Why does one submit to problems and challenges like dog showing its belly in defense of adversity when you can climb your mountains and plant your flag on top of victory, not defeat.”

Some of us just keep getting the short end of stick and wish for a larger, more fulfilling blessing. Keep believing for more by thanking and honoring God for everything and your grateful heart will be rewarded with gifts of grace.
“One can live abundantly by honoring God and believing in Jesus, but moths make holes in your clothes and locust plagues those who oppose Him.”

We wake up to the birds singing songs to the Heavens and go to sleep with the sounds of the night like a lullaby, taking you to sleep. The sunset in the evening reminds us of Heaven as well as the bright morning sun. Your life is precious.
“One can’t prepare for a new day and at the same time prevent it.”

When we make mistakes do not be hard on yourself. The God who sits on the throne of grace will forgive you and will make you’re mistakes a blessing.
When one has been inactive in the faith of ministry and giving, God can use you. The opportunities that God presents to you come and go like smoke in the wind. Prepare to serve Him.

Do not settle in one area in life. Be like nomads who follow the direction that God gives you.
“The mouth of a lion can be shut, but the word of God speaks with no restraints.

Lord, we are a flower In need of your sunlight.
We droop and wither away without you.
With you we will survive and thrive.
May God come and wash my eyes to see.
Thank you Lord for your freedom and grace.

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