If only...there is a second chance

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She was young and beautiful. No one expected it, no one would want it to happen.

Submitted: May 08, 2017

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Submitted: May 08, 2017



Numbness embraces me as the rasping wind haunts the city fiercely. The sky darkens as black
clouds devour the sun. Without any direction, I wander from streets to streets, I found myself lost, not knowing any purpose in life. Trees rustle as I step on the lifeless, stiff, wet grass; crushing the fallen leaves that were once evergreen and full of life. The bruises on my face harden as the bitter coldness surrounds me. Raindrops. Black crows spread their wings and fly away as the gushing rains drowns the stone cold city. People with cold-blooded eyes hurried their way. Alone. I continue to walk without a destination. Light fades away as darkness consume everything; streets are painted in black and white like a monochrome patchwork. Patiently, I wait for the crimson red traffic light to turn eerie green, step by step, my foot slowly crosses the road. Suddenly, car horns disrupt the silence.

My eyes are wide open as the car hits me: the car’s spotlight almost blind my eyes, the tires screech like a ghost screaming as the car stops vigorously. Silence. I lay on the road pathetically in torment; blood begins to stream down from my gashing wounds. The pain makes me feel alive more than ever. It is almost like a nightmare, yet so real.

Slowly dying.

Fire burst through my skin, scorching, scalding, smothering my flesh and my rotten soul.
Shockwave claws onto my nerves and sink its fangs into my veins, paralyzing my entire body. Burning. Burning viciously. A gentle breeze comforts me as the painful memories pierce
through my hallow heart. The pouring rain purifies my soul, washing away my sins as my hideous, filthy blood corrupts the once-pure rain. I gasp for air as my lung intensely rips apart in agony. Thick, sickening- red rotting liquid drips onto my chapped, dry lips. My inner demon curses me with his last dying breathe. Voices are screaming in my head, torturing my mind; burying my sanity.

Flashbacks. The long forgotten happy memory plays in my head: my childhood birthdays, picnics with family, first day in primary school, performing in concerts, grocery shopping with mum, baking cakes with dad to surprise grandma... Tears flows from my watery eyes to my pale cheeks as my parent appear in the thin air, they smile at me, saying “I love you“. If only...if only there’s a second chance, I want to spend more time with them and make more memories with them and travel to different countries and celebrate my graduation from high school and university and see me accomplishing my goals, reaching my dream, being successful and be proud of me. But. It’s all too late.

A sheath of light shines through the black clouds, my breathing slows down, I close my eyes slowly; a tunnel of light gleams in the darkness, agony fades away as my nightmare ends.

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