Thorn In The Gift

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: House of Ghosts
"They’ll wrap and tear into your soul until their is nothing left, be prepared little one" - Lily Litchfield :)

Submitted: May 08, 2017

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Submitted: May 08, 2017



In the endurable afternoon - the heat seems to gulf up Marlee. She felt like lava was drizzled on her skin which, left her to nothing more than a puddle. Marlee’s skin felt clammy in the humid air as well. The cultured Marlee still felt good about this hike she had to participate on. She did it in order to get closer to her cousin - Lily. Lily was also a sophisticated and delightful teen as well. Since both girls had a lot in common they both seemed to get along. They never got to get together unless it was during Christmas. That’s why these two were together right now. One difference the two girls have is how they endure nature.

In Arizona Lily has a great tan and learn to adapt to the hot weather. On the other hand Marlee was a pale girl who was from Alaska. Marlee had the true look of a vampire while Lily could be a stunning model. Marlee found the hike truly agonizing and found it truly onerous. Marlee never works out while Lily seemed to be built to take on a warrior from Sparta. That was their main difference other than that the girls were truly inseparable. Marlee knew this pain was only temporary but still wanted to go a different route.

Marlee slows down and waits for Lily to turn around.

“What? We only made it halfway up,”complained Lily.

“Can we take a shortcut up the side of the mountain,” Marlee makes a elfin grin as she points at the thorny side of the mountain.

“Its steep and if we screw up we could be a mess. We need to stay clean for dinner,” After that was said Lily slaps her hand to head and sighs at Marlee’s complete ignorance.

“You should be thankful to have my presence here to assist you. How about take my idea to mind. It’s not like it’s that steep and we can make it to the top faster. Doesn't it also get more physical fitness in, and -” Marlee starts to keep adding on more and more reasons to do it. Lily just bites her lip in confusion.

“Fine, it’s fair. Let’s do it, I’ll go in front” Lily insists. Both girls start to make their way across the steep mountain. Lily makes it past the difficult obstacle easily. Marlee struggles trying to keep her balance. As the girls get further and further up they start to break apart.

“Hah, look at me I’m on top of the world,” screams Lily. Marlee scrunches her face in anger. Marlee was feeling more and more in pain as they went up. Lily being gusty was not helping at all.

“Stop it,” Marlee yells.

“Why, it’s not like you can get any further,” that comment sent Marlee up fast. She may not like nature and sports but she was strong. She could be a better athlete then Lily if she wanted to.

“Catch me if you can!” Lily shouted with glee. She was having fun while Marlee was hurting. This pain was unbearable instead of endurable. When Marlee got closer and closer Lily shrieked as if she was a first grader playing tag. Marlee had it - she grabbed on Lily’s shirt.

It took Lily off guard causing her to lose her grip on the mountain. She fell from her position almost bringing Marlee with her. Marlee was able to stay on as Lily flung past her. Before this Lily thought this was some ludicrous game but now she fell off in horror.

All Marlee could do is watch as the thorns scratched and teared up Lily clothes, skin, and hair. It looked like she took on the wolverine. Lily screamed for help, in pain, and in fear. Marlee was horrified by the situation and woozy as well. Lily fell off the side of the cliff. Marlee went as fast as she could down the mountain. She felt as the thorns tor her apart but it was not as worse at the damage on her heart.

When Marlee made her way to the end off the cliff she saw her cousin hanging onto the side of the rock.

“Let me help you!” Marlee screeched in pain. This was far worst from what she imagined. Marlee could see this new persona of Lily change right in front of her.

“I don’t need your help! Why should I trust you again. I never should’ve of went up the steep way of the mountain with you!” Lily yelled. Marlee burst into tears. She thought that Lily would understand her pain. Maybe they had less in common then she thought.

“I’m not leaving you! There's no other way for you too get up! If you try to climb up or down you could slip! You're a hiker not a rock climber! It’s a 50 feet drop you-”

“SHUT UP, I can get myself out my issues caused by you like I always do!”

“That’s not true!” Before this Marlee and Lily were having fun know they were put into this mess. What did she mean by this again?

“Your so tenuous Marlee! Last year you recommended the idea of going to the graveyard by Baltimore Park. We were caught by the police. Five years ago we tried to walk the dogs ourselves! Benny bit me in the leg and I had to have surgery! I never want you around!”

“What do you mean we were having fun before!”

“You were having fun, I pretend to in order to make you HAPPY.” Marlee starts to sob really loud.

“Take my hand! YOU COULD DIE!” Instead of taking Marlee’s hand, Lily starts to pull herself up. Marlee cover’s her face, sobbing awfully loud. As Lily is almost up the rock breaks and she falls back.

“NOOOOO,” Marlee screams as she tries to grab Lily’s hand but she was too late. She watches in fear as her cousin screams while she falls to her doom. It only took a matter of five seconds for her cousin to meet the ground. Alone Marlee sobs very loud into her hand.


The day Lily died was the day before Christmas Eve. After the horrific event Marlee had to return home to tell her family of Lily? death. Everyone wanted to think she was joking but she was not. The police later went out to retrieve her remains at the bottom of the mountain.

After that day everyone blamed Marlee for her careless actions. She wasn willing to do anything anyone asked her to do that Christmas Eve. Some of her family felt sympathy towards the young teen. They all believed it was her autism that caused her to do such ignorant things. No one cared what she had to say they just cared about what she did.

During the night of Christmas Eve everyone tried to enjoy themselves expect Marlee. The adults had rampant political talks here and their. They wanted to have a laughable night with cheap alcohol.  It was an ad hoc evening that focused on politics. It was just unnatural to Marlee. All these adults could continue to live life as if Lily never was there in the first place. It made her feel even worse.

She just sat in the corner with her head in her lap. Marlee’s parent’s didn’t even come by their child to comfort her. With all the noise Marlee went to bed earlier. She went to bed  three hours earlier than usually.

As Marlee slept she had divergent dreams. Dreams that were shocking and so incoherent. The first dream was Marlee falling off the cliff instead of Lily. As Marlee fell she watched Lily do a demonic smile. The second dream was Marlee standing in the graveyard by Baltimore Park, she was later dragged into the ground by thorns that grasped and torn to shreds as she went down. The last dream was Lily standing before. Lily had pure black eyes. She smiled as thorns grew out of her skin. As they grew they wrapped around Marlee. It pulled her closer and closer. When Marlee was close enough Lily said, “They’ll wrap and tear into your soul until their is nothing left, be prepared little one.”

Marlee woke up. Her skin clammy and her body trembling. Lily’s sport number was three and she had three dreams. She thought she was being delusional - she just needed water. As she made her way out of the room and into the kitchen she could see it was 1:30 am. The water felt nice a cool against the edges of her mouth. Marlee was bewildered by her dreams. She never remembered her dreams.

An idea sparked Marlee’s mind. She should check the gift Lily gave her. Everyone had to pick a name each Chirstmas. Whoever you picked you’d have to give them a gift. Lily picked Marlee this year. Marlee knew that no one would care if she were to open it. As Marlee made her way over to the gift she felt anxiety but she had to be tough. Maybe Lily did care for her, maybe she was angry. Lily would never be malicious.

Marlee needed to be nonchalant, even though she felt like her legs were like glass. Marlee’s emotions felt rapid. They were blasting at her like she had deep depression issues.

The wrapping paper felt soft in Marlee’s unstable hands. Once the wrapping paper was off Marlee saw a plain white box. Marlee felt good as took a guess of what could be inside. All that anxiety she had had flew of the table. She felt free again.

When the box opened Marlee screamed but was too late to let it out. The thick thorns wrapped around her neck. She felt the sweltering pain as it seared itself into her throat. Her lungs felt like someone tied them closed. Marlee could not stop this pain. She tried to pull and tug at the thorns but their was no use.

Luckily the thorns let go off Marlee’s thorat. Marlee gasped for air once she was free. After the thorns went back into the box Marlee stood trying to get another glance. The thorns were gone and all that was left was a ruby necklace.

“Maybe now you’ll be less garrulous,” snickered an unknown voice.

“What,” Marlee said. Marlee receives no answer. She stays standing thinking, did she go insane? Marlee believe’s that she is living in a nightmare again. Their is no other logical reason. How could she be insane if she thinks she is. Insane people think their sane. Marlee pinches herself and feels the pain.

As she makes her way across the room to the guest room she hears it again.

“Do you remember me? Cousin you couldn’t forget me in a matter of a day?”

 Marlee finally realized the horrible truth. She drops her glass of water and hear’s it smash across the floor. She does an immense screech. Still no one cares to her Marlee in pain.

“Your one incompetent listener, HUH? How about turn around so we can talk face to face.”

 As Marlee turns around she repeats these words “I’m asleep.”

“Oh but, you aren’t cousin.” Right before Marlee is Lily who is now is the one that is truly pale. She has all her cuts and her clothes were still teared to pieces. She even has a huge gash in her head to show where she hit the ground. She still has her statuesque look even when dead.

“It seems you really need me. Maybe I should stay with you till your death? I’ll be there to give you company! It’ll be just great. Now we can really spend time together. I’ll give you great dreams like earlier and tell you encouraging things! I can thank you for my death!” Lily says.

Marlee fells as her sweat heats up and dries on my skin. It feels like a thick layer of clothing. Her mouth goes dry as it hangs open. The only moisture Marlee feels is the tears ruining down my face as she cries.

“Now go to sleep so I can hang with you in those fantastic nightmares I created! Aren’t they just creative! I’m really illoursites!”

 Years later Marlee never slept well again, now she lives in a mental hospital. The nurses believe she has schizophrenia. Instead Marlee insists that the spirit of Lily is their to make her feel dead. Marlee wakes up in the night choking. She says the thorns are wrapping around her throat.

The once happy teen is now said to be crazy, insane, and many worse things. Would you believe a girl that says her only gift she is given in her life is thorns by her dead cousin who died 15 years ago? That’s what you call weird.

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