the one. ( or so i thought )

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Submitted: May 08, 2017

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Submitted: May 08, 2017



SDrinking alone at this bar thinking about how im bound to chains of change still struggling to move on from a relationship i myself sullied.

One drink
Still not enough to make me forget about what i thought could mine.
Who i thought could be mine.

Dammit Dana i thought we were golden but now its clear your feelings were fake  because the gold i perceived i stumbled upon was foolish.

One too many drinks and one horrible mishap followed by unreciprocated honesty has lead us down a path we cannot backtrack from.

Saddened i was by your lack of response and communication but now i pray sense never reaches you.

For if you ever do come to realize how diamond absolute my soul is, and if you do ever reach out - you'll be reaching towards the shadow of a ghost long deceased.

God. I thought i could love you. I thought i could really really fall for you.

But im here.
In this bar, drinking, alone without you writing about how i wish things could have gone differently.

Proclaiming and admitting that i wish i never took that hour train to your house that tuesday night and instead just sticking to our original plan of hanging out on our off day from work. ( Wednesday ) 

I am so, so filled with a longing of making things right with you but you are disconnected.

I however still fail to shake the feelings of happiness ensued by every other interaction with you.

There have been a few before you, but you,
You Dana i can confidently claim to be the true one that got away.

(No revision needed.)

(( for i am drunk and bleeding words into nothingness instead of contacting you and meekly begging for your attention ))



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