Maybe One Day

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Submitted: May 08, 2017

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Submitted: May 08, 2017



Why did you do this

The name you used was hurtful and unforgetable

Why were you so mean

Was I just easy to make fun of?

Being the butt of your cruel joke was no fun

Maybe one day you will see the wrong you did and come to ask me for forgiveness

When I have already forgiven

Then again maybe you won't, maybe you have already forgottern the pain you caused me.

Being there and having adults witness

Yet do nothing was the worst of it all

Feeling like nobody cared and feeling alone

The joke just made it worse.

Never having anyone there to comfort me

And tell me that everything will be okay

Just made me talk less.

People wonder why I dont talk, but it's as simple as just asking me

Yet they seem to afraid to ask.

Pushing away people seems like the right thing to do, but others tell me that I am wrong

Will I ever feel like I am not alone

Maybe one day I will feel loved and cared for

...Maybe one day

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