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I'm always after peace. The constant chase lead me to what I thought was peace in me, but news of a close brother/sister coming face to face with demons swallows all those vibes up for me. Change is powerful.

Submitted: May 08, 2017

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Submitted: May 08, 2017



Seconds pass by with my heart beating slower in rhythm feeling something great has been taken from me even though it's not in my sight. The hurt in my eyes mean nothing to the cold minds. Think of those that slay and claim the blood of the innocent. My conscience tells me to hold on, but to carry on with such a heavy heart isn't going to make me any stronger. It's a struggle everyday in everyone's lives, even the ones that smile just as much as me. Yeah, the world still turns after your current life is over on Earth, but the madness from the dope fiends, felons, and crooked smiling clowns are teaching your kids and your parents how to live their way. Supporting the phonies from each end of the stick will only help bring self destruction. Mama's words play back each time heart breaking moments such as suffering from the loss of a good brother/sister, living on pipe dreams with worthless individuals, or even trusting those who call themselves saints. She told me many years ago "don't settle for less, don't ever change and keep ya essence. The power is in you, Eric". Every step I take only gives me a better chance of advancing and living a better life. I don't measure my wealth with money, but with my eternal life that I know no one can take from me, nor others I recognize with good sense.

Remembering the long walks we made adventures out of even as adolescents. The love of a free spirit at such a young age you had to share was even more of a reason to call you my brother. It's like I've been awakened from a deep trance of obeying laws and pointless rules built for slavery. The smiles you not only put on my face, but most people around you made you shine brighter than the sun at times. The sense of being high without inhaling the herbs gave me the idea that we could all enjoy life fin a sober state without the pick me ups. The only pick me up a person really needs is his/herself, and a mind overflowing with positive vibrations. Even through your struggles I watched you ignore yours at times to acknowledge mine, but even then I wouldn't mind sharing my thoughts with such a bright soul such as yours. The happiness you taught me about starts in us all first then comes our wants painted clear with our imaginations. I remember the sponge bob quotes you'd tell me that would always make me laugh out loud, and comfortably act out the next scene with you chanting down the halls "I'm dirty dan!" Though it's only been a few hours I miss you like it's been 50 years of just being able to remember such a great brother. 

Still riding down the street singing I've been working on the railroad as if we were back in 1st grade trying not to get our cards flipped to red. The way you went out was unbelievable, but at the same time realistic when it comes to this area of living. I never expected anyone with such a great spirit like yours to come face to face with a demon carrying a weapon egging on the fact that they live for blood. Wolves are always out at each hour of the day hunting the innocent for reasons just as stupid as their leaders layed out for them to follow. The year we turned 21 will always be remembered as the year we thought this was only the start to new beginnings bringing about our real dreams. Struggles we seen as mountains became only hills, thoughts of becoming men became reality, long quests for knowledge became only a click away, and blunts split teaching lessons became the path to a happier way of living in the moment. Even though you passed, I'll never forget the respect I had for your great mind, powerful messages, and bright spirit that made you shine the way for many others on your journey in this life. Though This is a very heartfelt moment I've only experienced this once in my lifetime, I know I'll be seeing you in my dreams of the other realities I visit time and time again. There you'll be living life happily with the smile of the God you are, and the heart of a lion.

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