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This is from Rez's point of view

Chapter 2 (v.1) - No Stranger Would It Seem

Submitted: May 08, 2017

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Submitted: May 08, 2017



It was a very strange day for me. I am following the wolf girl home like I always do. I remember looking at her through the tree when a twig snapped when I stepped on it when I wanted to go higher. Crap I remember thinking. I stood as still as stone, luckily she didn’t see me. She kept on walking, my scratches from the recent battle stung like fury but I ignored it. If there is one thing I am good at ignoring, it is pain. I don’t know why they, as in the kids she hangs around, call her Wolf but there is something about her that draws me near, it is like she has this kind of strange power, but even I can tell that she doesn’t even know she has it. Then it happened, the branch underneath me snapped and I fell with a sickening thud. Pain blurred my vision but I could still see. I saw the girl run over to me and take one look at my scratches and I think I saw a glimmer of panic, which is normal, but what surprised me is that it was instantly gone. She took out her phone and I saw her stop for a minute and then make a call. There was a ringing in my ears so I couldn’t hear what she said but a few minutes later I saw her waving her arms to a car. I instantly tried to run because if it was the police then I was dead and I wasn’t planning to find if it was or not. The girl was talking to me but I couldn’t hear her and then I heard her say quite sternly “We won’t call the police on you, now lie back down before you injure yourself more.” I don’t know what made me do it but I lay back down, I heard her say Grandma and only then did I relax, she didn’t call the police, she called her Grandma, how that was going to help, I had no idea. They loaded me into the car and the girl gently stroked my hair as we drove the last little bit to her house. They then unloaded me and brought me in where they put me down on a small bed. Then they grabbed first aid I guess and the Grandma gave me a shot and I blacked out.

I woke up and the pain had decreased a lot and the ringing in my ears had stopped. I felt so much better. My eyes fluttered open and I saw the girl. “Hi, my name is Wolf” she said. No need to tell her that I already knew that. “Are you hungry?” she asked. I was half starved, but then, when was I not, where I come from, no one ever has a full belly. I nodded to her question. She brought me a steaming bowl of soup that smelled wonderful and looked delicious. At first she tried to spoon feed but I shook my head no. I was not a little kid; I knew how to use a spoon. I took one sip and the next I was gulping it, not caring that it was starting to burn my tongue.  “What is your name?” Wolf asked. She didn’t ask who I was or where I came from or why I had my scratches. She only asked for asked for my name. But I could tell from the eagerness in her eyes that she wanted to ask those questions but she didn’t so I wouldn’t be uncomfortable. “Rez” I replied.

“Well Rez”, she said “can you tell me why you were spying on me on my way home?” shoot I thought, this girl is smarter than I thought. She must have seen my reaction and she knew she was right. I try to keep my cool as much as possible but this was so embarrassing that I actually blushed and I have never blushed before so it was a weird feeling.

“I wasn’t following you home”, I replied.

“I didn’t say anything about following, Rez”, she said. Man this girl is good, I thought, but then maybe I should be more open to her. I shook my head slightly to clear it. “So, how about we change the subject?” she asked. I nodded, eager to stop before I made another stupid mistake. She went into her room and I got a chance to look around. Before long I heard the noise that sounded like someone walking on nails, I tensed, ready to defend myself, but the next instant a small dog appeared and trotted up to me. I relaxed; the noise was just the dog’s paws on the hard tile. Now that I look around, the only thing I can see that you walk on that is soft is a large rug, the rest of the floor is wood or tile. The girl came back with a bunch of movies I have never seen, in fact, I have heard of movies but never actually seen one. She pulled out a movie that had a picture of a horse on it. I once saw a horse and immediately fell in love with it. I choose that movie and Wolf told that it was funny because this was one of her favorite movies because she loved horses. I broke down and told her that I also loved horses. I got a feeling of trust from that other people, not even the Grandma, radiate when they first meet me. But Wolf had so much love and affection for someone she barely knows, I have to admit that I admire her for that, if I meet myself then I wouldn’t be so trusting to me. The dog nosed my hand, begging for me to bet him. I gave in to his cute eyes and innocent look and gently rubbed his head. “Oh” said Wolf “I see you have met my dog, Bandit”. I looked at her dog called Bandit.

“Why is he called Bandit?” I asked.

“Because when he was a little puppy he would steal any food left out for more than five minutes” she replied “One time during Thanksgiving, we caught him stealing a leg off the turkey” she said. A smile crept across my face when I thought of little Bandit as a puppy, running around the house with a turkey leg in his mouth while everyone chased him. “Anyway, what do you say we watch that movie?” she asked. She opened the case and pulled out what looked like a flattened doughnut. Wolf told me that this is a disk or better known as a DVD (Digital Video Disk is what she said it stood for). She put it in what she called the DVD player and the movie began to play on the TV. This fascinated me but once the movie started, I got so entranced that I jumped when I felt two cold paws against my neck.

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