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Wolf's pov

Chapter 7 (v.1) - Two In One

Submitted: May 08, 2017

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Submitted: May 08, 2017



I was dreaming of yesterday, running next to Rez. He looked so godly handsome with the sun shimmering on his fur. I was afraid that he would see me gaping at him. Now that would be embarrassing. I love my new puppy, he is so cute. I felt movement and sunlight flooded my vision. Rez’s face came into view, looking at me with those brilliant ocean blue eyes. For a while we just stared at each other until Grand- I mean Brightnight, interrupted us. She turned to Rez.

“Thank you” she said. Confusion came to mind, what did she mean “thank you”? I wanted to ask but Brightnight kept talking and I didn’t want to be rude and interrupt, “I will bring that to the camp immediately, for once, you follow my orders”, she finished. I finally got my chance.

“Brightnight, what did he mean by orders?” I asked. She glared at Rez.

“It would be like Rez to not tell you. I asked you both to use most of the money to buy food and medical supplies for the camp” Brightnight said.

“Rez, why did you not tell me?” I demanded. Rez sighed in defeat.

“I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to worry but I wanted you to have a good time and have fun” he replied.

“How did you even manage to go buy it and bring it home, you were with me the entire time?” I asked.

“I ran out the back of the restroom and came back through it…”

“…to make it seem like you just took a long time to go to the bathroom” I finished, “Oh, Rez, that was so sweet of you!” I exclaimed. I hugged him, he seemed dazed but he snapped out of it and hugged me back. I could sense how Brightnight felt awkward right now. I pulled myself from his arms but I didn’t want to and turned to Brightnight. “So, when do we go to this camp you two can’t seem to stop talking about?” I asked.

“Tonight” answered Brightnight. I looked at Rez for his reaction and his eyes showed nothing but pure joy. He must really like this camp, then again, it is probably where he grew up, I thought. I went to my room to pack and was shocked to find it empty except for an already packed backpack on the floor. I ran into the living room where Brightnight was helping Rez with his things.

“Brightnight! Rez! All of my stuff is gone!” I exclaimed. Brightnight and Rez exchanged amused expressions.

“I packed your stuff and moved it all to the camp, you have the backpack right?” asked Brightnight. I nodded, to shocked to form any words. “Good” she replied, “Grab it” she instructed, and “it has food, water, and a change of clothes in it, put on those clothes”. I hastily went into the bathroom and changed. The clothes were meant for warmth as well as protection. A belt came with, I gasped at its contents. It contained a knife, heavy duty rope, a harness, a water canteen that was filled with cold water and a lighter. The only things left in the backpack was a headband that looks like something you would tie around your head before a battle, biking gloves, and all sorts of food. I pulled my hair into a ponytail and tie the headband around my head, slipped on the gloves, and headed back into the living room, slinging the backpack on my back as I walked in. Rez looked amazing, and Brightnight was unrecognizable, I gasped at the sleeping jaguars at their feet. “We shall travel by jaguar, any slower would be too dangerous, Rez, take Shania, the one to your right, Wolf, you can take Coyote...”

“A jaguar is named Coyote?” I asked.

“Yes, and he is right behind you” she replied. I turned around and saw a large and strong looking black jaguar. I noticed a saddle on its back and a leather rope around its neck and wondered what it is used for. “Okay, Rez, you know how to ride well enough so I want you to lead the way and I will stay behind Wolf in case she falls off…”

“Hello? Right here you know” I said. Brightnight ignores me and continues

“And if she falls go straight go to camp and bring the others, got it?” she asks. Rez nods. Brightnight walks over to me and helps me into the saddle, I have ridden horses before but that is nothing compared to riding jaguars. Their backs are so smooth that straps around their chests keep the saddle from sliding right off them. I then learned what the loose leather collar is for, you hold onto it like reins but you tell the jaguar where to go, all you need to worry about is holding on, only the best can ride ones where you guide them. Rez and Brightnight are that good, so I feel kind of like a joke compared to them. I get on and naturally find the right position. Brightnight and Rez get on their jaguars. Brightnight looks to make sure the coast is clear and were off. The wind whips through my hair until I remember Sandy and Bandit and turn back to look at Brightnight, she nods, somehow knowing what I wanted to know. I love the feel of powerful muscles beneath me, the surge in a smooth rhythm that I find and adjust to and rode like I have never ridden before. I eventually realized that if I tried, I could drive. I cautiously began to steer. I found it easy, and was soon driving. I flied over fallen trees and climbed a tree on my jaguars back when lunch was called. The two other jaguars eyed mine with intense envy for they knew that their companion had a rider who like to do what jaguars do best, climb and jump. When we both finished, I jumped on Coyote’s back and we ran, climbed, and jumped, when we finally, the other jaguars greeted their companion with growls of jealously while Rez and Brightnight gaped at me.

“What?” I asked. Until I noticed a saddle on the ground and realization dawned to me. I rode without a saddle, just the leather collar still around my jaguar’s neck.

“How did you ride without a saddle?!” asked Rez when he found his voice.

“I don’t know. I guess I simply didn’t notice that the saddle wasn’t on him” I answered. Rez gaped again but Brightnight was deep in thought, muttering under her breath as she paced. She turned to me and went back to her pacing and muttering. Rez found his voice again.

“It is not possible, it is not possible, is it Brightnight?” Rez asked her. She stopped pacing and looked Rez dead in the eye.

“It is now, Wolf has done the impossible,” she replied. I was becoming annoyed by this whole “make it so that so doesn’t understand yet” thing.

“What have I done?” I asked impenitently.

“You have been possessed by two spirits. The spirit of the cat and the spirit of the dog, this has never happened in world history. You are what, if there ever was one, a possessor” she replied. I just stood, shocked that I could be something so powerful, a look of respect crossed Brightnight’s face. Rez’s face, thank god, stayed as it has always been.

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