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Submitted: May 09, 2017

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Submitted: May 09, 2017



I thought he was going to do me like fifty shades

But instead he hit me with a  friggin spade


I opened my eyes, my hands are tied down

Suddenly I feel like some stupid clown

I’d been duped, fooled  and I felt like a fool

Didn’t think this man, could be so cruel

Yes those eyes had me totally fooled


He leans over and whispers in my ear

“It won’t hurt for long, I promise my dear”

What wont I thought as I looked into his eyes

Then saw the knife, tears dripped from my eyes


My fingers are spaced, tied down nice and tight

And here I sit under this dingy dull light

In some for god forsaken place, in the middle of the night

I blame my tights, if they hadn’t have ripped

We wouldn’t have met, I thought it was strange how he kept calling me pet


Tears continue to pour from my eyes

But he never listened, he never heard my cries

Not even when I looked him straight in the eyes


He lifts his hand, the blade catches the light

I plead with him to stop

No such luck, CHOPERTY CHOP!!!

And one by one, my fingers were lopped


The blood spouted out, it went in all directions

He put his hands to his face

But they offered no protection

I had no control of where my blood projected


I look down at my hands, my fingers have all gone

Just bloody stumps remain, but that don’t numb the pain

He’s coming for round two, there is nothing I can do

I turn to him and say, “think I’m afraid of you”


The knife sits at my throat, I think my time is up

I look down at the bowl, my blood soon will fill up

Then he’ll probably drink it, like drinking from a cup

 I hope he chokes on it , but that’s just not my luck


The blade cuts me like butter

He didn’t he didn’t even stutter

My heart begins to flutter

At the hands of this nutter


The cut wasn’t that deep

He was just messing with my mind


This sick bastard with his twisted mind 

© Copyright 2018 J A OVERTON. All rights reserved.

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