Origin of Man

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It's about a scientist (Dr. Scott) who travelled to Africa in Turkana in Kenya, to seek The Nest of Creation, believed to be the extraterrestrial lab where Man was created. His curiosity was aided by researches done by Prof. Gailey, in his book "Origin of Mankind".

Submitted: May 09, 2017

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Submitted: May 09, 2017






The skies were turning to ember-grey, as the birds scattered in the faint sun rays, returning to their nests. Lake Turkana’s surface glittered like a sheet of diamonds.

“Another beautiful, fruitless day….” Dr. Scott mumbled, as he wiped the sweat off his face. He had spent days searching for a place called The Nest of Creation, only to meet camel caravans, oil prospectors, and an angry sun on his way.

Most of his colleagues who assisted him in finding the mysterious place had given up on the search, because the narrative of its existence was only found in the traditional folklore of the Turkana people, and in the book Origin of Mankind, written by Prof. Gailey.

“You can’t believe Gailey’s pseudo-scientific fodder!” one of his colleagues once told him, when he found him reading the Professor’s book.

Before, the book’s sales soared worldwide, after Prof. Gailey suggested in his literature that aliens had created research labs within or around Turkana, with evidence of Turkana people’s creation myths, and a million-year old two-inch bronze plate, with concentric circles resembling crop circles!

His novelty and exciting findings didn’t last long, when two mysterious men in sixties suits, hats and dark shades, visited his residence in London. They also had pale skins, as though they were anemic.

It didn’t take long for Prof. Gailey to suspect that they were agents, trying to steal the bronze plate from him for God-knows-what reason. As he tried to fight them off, according to his narration, one of the agents’ shades fell off, to reveal abnormally large eyes. Since then, he went mad and silent.

Dr. Scott was convinced that he was close to discover one of the Holy Grails of Science, with or without his colleagues’ assistance. The sun was almost disappearing into the horizon. He had to find a place where he could sleep, before cattle rustlers found him on their way, and tried to kill him.

“I was born on a lucky day!” he celebrated.

A motel was right in front him. It had a 24 hour signboard in neon lights, and around four personal vehicles and track packed in the compound. There was music playing.

He could tell that the motel had some youths, maybe coming for adventure or leaving back to the city or their homes the following day.

An excavation kit was his only companion, as the motel became bigger, as he got closer. He walked quite fast and cautiously. A feeling of someone or something watching his every step made him uneasy. Jackals’ eyes glittered in the moonlight, behind the bushes.

Finally he reached for the entrance door, and pressed the doorbell. He felt a strange feeling of relief as he stood right in front of the door. It was as though an angel was present in the motel, ironically being a place for booze and quick sex for money.

Two minutes later, the door slowly opened, revealing an old man in a wheelchair. He looked sociable and smart.

“Welcome sir!” he said.

As the old man guided him towards the reception, he could see a double-barreled shot-gun leaning on a table close to a TV, being partially watched by a teenager couple who were kissing each other.

“Go find a room!” he shouted at them, when he noticed Dr. Scott had seen them. They were reluctant to leave.

“Kids of these days”, he said, as he shook his head.

Suddenly, he turned his wheelchair towards Dr. Scott’s direction, and stretched his left hand.

“By the way, I’m sorry…we hadn’t officially introduced each other. My name is Zack Labong, and this is my place.”

They went to the reception counter. He filled his name in a guest book, paid ten dollars, and received a room key no. 12.

He was thirsty. It was not a walk in the park digging for historical clues for five or six straight hours in the sun that didn’t seem to move.

“Where can I get some water to drink?” Dr. Scott asked.

“You have to go outside, and it isn’t safe. Nothing good ever exists outside in a wilderness in the middle of the night.”

The thirst was more overwhelming than the creepy feeling he had of someone watching him.

Zack quickly and silently opened the door, and pointed where clean, fresh water could be found. It was a one thousand milliliter water tank with a tap, close to a store house.

“Drink to your full, and quickly come back!” Zack warned sternly.

A sense of nervousness could be sensed in his tone. He also had the double-barreled shot -gun with him, resting under his laps.

“This is not paradise!”

A few minutes later, they were back at the reception counter. The teenage couple had already left. Both Zack and Dr. Scott weren’t sleepy.

The visitor from the West was told stories of many people who had mysteriously disappeared around the motel for years; men, women and children. The locals believed that the gods had returned the abductees to their homes in the heavens. Staunch Christians believed that it was rapture, as prophesied in the Book of Revelations.

Overwhelmed by sleep after some hours, they went to their respective hotel rooms. It was around three in the night.


Seats facing the TV were filled by a dozen people. The air was fresh. It was sunrise.

Dr. Scott was part of the audience watching the TV, but his thoughts wandered. The previous night, he had a dream of a shadow of a man with a hat wandering into the store house, close to the water tank he had drank water.

The shadow led his vision to a door leading to an underground base. The base was divided into several tunnels, which looked endless. Underground air felt cold and eerie.

As a man of science and faith, Dr. Scott went to his room 12, picked his excavation kit, and headed for the store. He was secretive. No one had to know what he was doing. He was testing the validity of his dreams.

His fears were soon confirmed. As he meticulously removed boxes from the spot the door in his dreams was supposed to be, he felt a hollow space on the store’s floor. He was certain that he had found the door and the underground base.

Cautiously and slowly he opened the door, feeling a breeze brush past him. According to his archaeological expertise, there was an exit on the other side of the base. It was really dark in there. He removed his torch from the excavation kit, and used its light to slowly guide him below a long, wooden ladder, to the new surface.

There were so many tunnels in every direction he turned. As he almost gave up with a strange feeling of despair, he remembered a passage in page 64 in the book Origin of Mankind which stated that the tunnel that was in correlation with Venus, was the right path to the source of all humanity.

He closed his eyes lightly, and remembered the Venus star was on his right side from above. Closely correlating the alignment of Venus to the tunnels, he chose the second tunnel on his left. Doubt and excitement filled his heart, as he marched ahead through the chosen tunnel.

After thirty minutes of trekking, a faint glow of light appeared from afar ahead. He switched off his torch, and cautiously followed the light.

Dr. Scott’s jaws were wide open, when he finally reached a very big, open space, filled micro labs that seemed to drift in free space, glass cells that had preserved animals of all kind, including those that were thought to be extinct, and a line of holograms showing different races and species of humans.

Nothing seemed to make sense at all.

“Prof. Gailey was right after all….” he whispered, as he knelt on the ground, his face touching the ground.

“Now you know who you are, and who we are….” He heard.

Slowly raising his head, he saw a man in sixties suit, hat, and shades staring right at him. His skin looked pale, just like Prof. Gailey’s description.

Dr. Scott felt like a toddler staring at his grandfather. His knowledge and everything he knew about life, felt as though it was in a petri dish, being gazed at from an invisible microscope. His intellect was on the line.

“The bronze plate is of no use for you or us. Its obsolete…” the man said.

“Prof. Gailey isn’t mad. We have fed his mind with the secrets of the bronze plate…. Until when he’s able to control his curiosity, we’ll go with him to the stars just like you……”

Dr. Scott was really astonished. The man was able to read his thoughts, and know that it has always been his dream to go beyond the stars. He also knew Dr. Scott had read Prof. Gailey’s book.

“Tell me when you are ready to go,” the man said, as he mysteriously vanished.



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