Fat Frank

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Yeah....no inspiration to do anything else

Submitted: May 21, 2017

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Submitted: May 09, 2017



Fat Frank


There once was

Fat Frank

So Fat infact

His belt size was Equator


Fat Frank

Lived free

Not knowing

His blood sugar was on a very high level...were talking a 9 layer cake high


Fat Frank

Had few friends

Its not his fault

His not so light gas was kinda toxic to others...yeah


But Fat Frank

Was happy

He shouldnt have been

His high sugar and blood pressure have doubled the risk of a heart attack

And not getting laid


Fat Frank

Wanted to change

But he couldnt

His friends told him he was in perfect shape...ROUND


But then

Fat Frank

Met Skinny Sammy

He lost a metric fuck ton of weight and became Not So Fat Frank


So Not So Fat Frank

Lived a happy life

But still

His dark past has left a mark as big as his ass when he was still Fat Frank


I am not sorry

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