Sundials Of Gods Promise

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I greet this avatar of our time as a longing need to understand each other in their pursuit to be the better for our entire mankind. Here we can keep some faith in the promise of our home as there is a truth in this wish. I recite the love someone gave us for a day more than my humble words of hope. May you enjoy this. :)

Submitted: May 09, 2017

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Submitted: May 09, 2017



When every drop of faith that nourish from heaven above touches the light within,

If you feel using the revenue they waste for building weapons of hatred we can feed a billion hungry people,

Why never left back in failing steps of this age Gods promise for all may not be its vulnerable events,

This started out for a cause that made us pay through our duty,

I travel my journey towards these Sundials from the land where Rainbows orginate,

If my childhood feel this Sunshine gifted love for our world here,

Do you feel that very truly a heart listens to be loved from an unknown gift for this creation ?

Every lifeless streams of this watery world once told a story of happiness,

A home this free bird started on its first unknown plan God awakened you within,

How do you say that there is a feeling to be gifted makes us so happy close to this heart?

If my humbleness feel this Sunrise grafted peace for our life here,

Every Sundial is a journey from our time back to where we will be,

A good designer for a home needs some precision of how this gifted may spring peace where we live,

He lights up within for a map towards this inclinations how this is to be build,

This promised land measures time where we craft our dream page of a lifetime,

If our entire source of artifacts can power the life around with freshness of greenery,

May be the tool that crafts a creation lost always in untold steps is just more than an instrument,

Our journey is always catered by evolution,

Have you ever thought this world is unchained in our actions from a thought within ?

If you hope that this thanksgiving day will be back for better, do you thank God for everything ?

Through God there exist an unknown energy from which this creation took birth. right ?

I like you to travel this epic without losing this wonder,

Many sacrifices gave us this day we cannot step beyond how we will make it still better for all,

If you dont know how you can go reciting this word of happiness,

For Gods sake dont break the walls of freedom for every creation is given for their survival here,

If tomorrow be a voice we thank the birth of our hall less imprint of an unseen time,

Still takes the breath out of myself to wash everything like a dream on its shore,

I hope this will light our security in these sundials of Gods promise,

On a trust that light peace of a lamb where the carpenter went back for its lost tracks,

For a truth that ignite hope of an order what the teacher wake up for its last crucifications,

Through a time that leaves joy of a happiness when the saviour wrote eternity for its longing promise,

When our world has camped around different insights of an eternal journey of oneness in this unity,

May this is a sundial everyone who ever saw the sail that fails will not end with pain,

Yet given birth for the cry of the deepest delight to wake up every challenge with the water who saw its creator,

When ever unseen an Earthly script makes you as angels who came here for this wakeup call,

Here you will be among the candle from the home a song that listened within the hearts of this wish,

May we felt a message in this strangers words,

How your legend will be a question for our teachers sacrifice that may shine your making here unconditionally for the love of peace, hope and joy ?

Let me be silent,

How simple tales of such friendship honour your wish given for a day no words may be more if this never ends ?

I hope you can thank everyone here for these Sundials of Gods Promise.

© Copyright 2018 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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