Applejack's Secret Life

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This chapter features AJ going back on her word.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - If a Promise You Don't Keep

Submitted: May 09, 2017

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Submitted: May 09, 2017



Sweet Apple Acres, 6 years ago (Big Mac is 12, AJ is 9, and Apple Bloom is 5.)

“Keep on workin’!” Granny Smith called. Big Mac, AJ, and Apple Bloom had all woken up to tend to the farm. BM woke up at 5 to transport the hay bales. Applejack woke up an hour later and milked the cows, fixed the fence, and brought the sheep around with Winona. Apple Bloom had woken up at 7 to feed the chickens. Granny Smith was supervising the whole thing. While she watched, a man named Full Blossom was flirting with her. At 54, she still looked like someone half her age (this story is taking place as a flashback from AJ’s freshman year at Canterlot High. In other words, AJ is reminiscing about the past.) “Well howdy, pretty lady!” FB called out. Granny looked behind her and saw Full Blossom eyeing her with appreciation and lust. She got up, and went over to hug him. While she was walking though, she stepped on a half-driven nail on the porch. She let out a scream of pain and called “APPLEJACK!” AJ immediately went over to where she was and asked what the problem was. “Y’all promised to put that nail completely down! Are ya tryin’ ta give me tetanus?!” Applejack assured her that she wasn’t. FB saw the problem and said “Applejack, if you make a promise, you have to honor it. My grandpa always told me “If a promise you don’t keep, it’ll haunt you in your sleep, and as you lie beneath your quilt, you will feel a conscience full of guilt.” That saying has stuck with me since childhood, so whenever I make a promise, I keep it.” Granny glared at AJ and said “As punishment, you can do the raking from now on for the rest of the year.” “But Granny, there’s at least 200 trees on our farm!” Granny Smith handed her a rake and said “Then I guess y’all better start!” Applejack dejectedly took the rake and went to start getting the leaves. “Don’t you think you were kinda hard on your granddaughter? I didn’t always do the work completely either.” “Dere’s no rest for someone who doesn’t keep dere word.” FB just shrugged and left.

6 hours later

Applejack was sweating and her arms were sore, but she said “Finally. I finished raking all of them.” Right after she said that, Apple Bloom yelled “Incoming!” and jumped into the leaf pile, scattering them everywhere. “APPLE BLOOM! I JUST FINSHED!” AJ yelled in anger. Apple Bloom started to cry and ran inside saying “Granny! AJ yelled at me!” Big Mac (who was making sure AJ raked correctly), just shook his head in disapproval and said “Mmmm . . . nope.” Granny Smith came outside and told Applejack that she had no right to yell at her little sister. Apple Bloom was only 5, so she didn’t know any better. Big Mac went into the barn, but tripped and hit his hand on the trowel, driving it into his palm! He yelled in agony, and said “Applejack! I told you to put the trowel away!” Applejack insisted that she did and a horse might’ve knocked it down. After all, it had happened before. BM gave her the BOTD (Benefit of the Doubt) and bandaged his hand with the first aid kit. “Y’all are lucky that wasn’t rusty, or he would’ve gotten traturas” AB said. “Da word is tetanus. Also, I did put it away. What happened was just a freak accident.” That night though, AJ had a horrible dream. She dreamed that she had promised to put the trowel away, but didn’t. Later, Apple Bloom walked into the barn, and tripped, driving the trowel into her eye! Applejack woke up and quickly tiptoed over to Apple Bloom’s room. Both of her eyes were unharmed. After she got back in bed, she remembered the first part of what Full Blossom’s grandpa had told him “If a promise you don’t keep, it’ll haunt you in your sleep . . .” She brushed it off and fell back asleep. Her next dream had Big Mac accidently knocking over a ladder, which struck a lantern, and causing a huge fire that quickly engulfed the barn! She quickly slipped out of the house and checked the barn. A horse named Streak watched Applejack as she checked. All of the lanterns were cool and unlit. She rubbed Streak’s mane to keep him calm and walked back inside. She then remembered the second part “and as you lie beneath your quilt, you will feel a conscience full of guilt.” She decided that she would have to fess up. The next morning, at breakfast, Applejack said “I know I promised to put the trowel away, but I didn’t, and ah’m really sorry. I realize now that not keeping a promise could lead to disaster.”

A/N: Words to live by, if you ask me.

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