Applejack's Secret Life

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In this chapter, AJ's boyfriend Thunder Bass sees another girl who catches his eye. The problem? She's Applejack's cousin!

Chapter 2 (v.1) - Apples and Oranges

Submitted: May 10, 2017

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Submitted: May 10, 2017



Applejack’s Home

“So, y’all actually said that?” Applejack asked. “Ah guess you ain’t as innocent as you claim.” Her boyfriend Thunder Bass just shrugged. He had just told her that he could be a bit of a potty mouth at times. Though she was surprised, she wasn’t upset about it. “Apparently, you need to do a background check on your boyfriend” TB said as a joke. He and Applejack had a habit of teasing each other about silly things. It was a strange dynamic, but it worked for them. “Either that or keep a leash on him” Rarity said. She and Rumble were visiting AJ for the day. “Trust me dude” Rumble said. “The last thing you want is your girlfriend putting a leash on you. Once, when Rarity did it to me, my liberty was instantaneously compromised.” “Wiggity wiggity, what?” Apple Bloom said. “It means he didn’t have any freedom” Rarity explained. “It was just a joke though. Seriously Rumble, when I do something to you, would it kill you to look for a twinkle in my eye? If there is, it’s a harmless joke.” Rumble narrowed his eyes and said “You were dragging me around like a dog . . . literally.” “Anyway, I believe the best thing to do in the future is watch your mouth” Applejack told Thunderlane. “Why should he? It’s not like you haven’t stained your lips with cursing” a new voice interjected. All 5 of them turned to the door and saw a relative of Applejack standing there. The difference was that she had an obsession with oranges, rather than apples. “Who’s that brod?” Rumble asked. After he asked that, Rarity slapped him for using a derogatory term. At that moment, Apple Bloom’s boyfriend, Spot came down the stairs and said, hey O-Dog what’s the 411?” AB yanked him back and said “Back off, Uncoolio.” “So, who is this?” Rarity asked. The girl replied “I’m Applejack’s cousin. One of her many, many, many cousins, Orange Peel.” Thunder Bass took in her orange hair, sparkling green eyes, fit and athletic body, and attractive style. Applejack noticed that his eyes kept flicking between her and her cousin. “Calm down Thunder Bass” Rumble warned. “You don’t want to do something you’ll regret later.” “Yeah” Spot agreed. “Your potty mouth was wiggity, wiggity, whack G.” Apple Bloom put a collar around his neck, said “I asked nicely”, then pressed a button and shocked Spot with the shock collar. Spot screamed and fell to the ground.

3 hours later

“I’m surprised we haven’t seen Thunder Bass at all since your cousin arrived” Rarity stated. AJ was lying on the ground, on her back. She had also put her Stetson hat on her face in anguish. “After 15 years, ah finally had a boyfriend, then my cousin comes and steals ‘im.” Rarity quickly tried to calm her by saying “I’m sure that Orange Peel didn’t steal him. He said he only had eyes for you, no one else. I’m sure he’s just being nice. You grew up here in Loneyville, he grew up in Filliedelphia, and she grew up in Manehattan. Like it or not, you’re country, he’s city, she’s big-city. Maybe he feels a sort of kinship with her.” “That just makes me feel worse. If dat’s da case, she’s better for him than I am. He’s meant for a city. Ah’m meant for a country.” Rarity placed a comforting hand on Applejack and said “No way. YOU’RE the best gal for him Applejack. You’re intelligent, pleasant, well-mannered, tall and nimble, strong, and instead of striking, more like drop-dead gorgeous! You’re everything a guy would ever want. You have brains, beauty, and brawn. I have the brains and beauty. Twilight has the brains. Fluttershy has the beauty, Rainbow Dash has the beauty and brawn, and Pinkie Pie has . . . well . . . something. But you have all 3. I wish I had the brawn, Twilight wishes she had the beauty and brawn, Fluttershy wishes she had the brains and brawn, Rainbow Dash wishes she had the brains, and Pinkie Pie wishes she had the . . . well . . . something else. The point is, if Thunder Bass dumps you, I will drop a bomb on his life!” At that moment, Orange Peel and Thunder Bass arrived back at Sweet Apple Acres. “Hey Applejack” TB said cheerfully. Applejack just folded her arms across her chest and gave her a death glare. “Is there a problem?” he asked. Rarity saw Rumble was just a few feet away. She said quickly “Applejack thinks Orange Peel is trying to steal you from her! ARMAGEDDON!” After she said that, she yanked Rumble away from his conversation with Big Mac and yelled “Excelsior!” and ran off. That left Thunder Bass with a bewildered face, Orange Peel a quizzical look, AJ a raised eyebrow and an remark of “Uh . . . what?” from Big Mac. Thunder Bass rolled his eyes and said “Applejack, I told you before. You’re the only girl for me. The reason I was gone for so long with Orange Peel is because, I wanted to get something for you, but I didn’t know what to get. I needed her help, since she knows you a lot better than me.” After he said that, he took out a small white box with a blue ribbon tied on it to keep it closed, and handed it to her. AJ untied the ribbon and opened the box. In it was a gold chain with a small apple made from rubies and emerald on it. “The apple goes in front” TB said as if she didn’t know. AJ smiled and said “Dat must’ve cost a fortune.” TB blushed, rubbed the back of his head and said “$1500. But it was no major concern.” Applejack put it on, then hugged and kissed him. “Thank you” she said. “I adore it.” She also thanked her cousin.

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