Applejack's Secret Life

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This is how you can expect the Apples to behave when they're together (Thunderlane is included).

Chapter 3 (v.1) - Just Another Day With the Apple Family

Submitted: May 14, 2017

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Submitted: May 14, 2017



Appleoosa Meeting of Apple Family members

Thunderlane was running on an exercise mechanism called a Gazelle, while multiple Apple family members were all doing their own thing. Thought he hated exercising, he was told to keep going by Big Mac. While he continued to run and pant, Babs said “Hey Apple Bloom. I’m hungry, so make me some lunch.” “Oh, piss off” AB replied. “You have 2 arms and legs that aren’t broken. If you want something to eat, get it or make it yourself.” At the same time, Braeburn was reading an issue of Shonen Jump and laughing. He said “Hey Caramel, have you read the newest issue of this?” His cousin looked at him and said “How could I? You never let me see it?” “It’s riotous!” Braeburn stated, and continued to laugh. “I just don’t comprehend why I can’t use the Moon Feather!” Fiddlesticks yelled. She was playing a game that Twilight had invented called Mystical Dimensions with her cousins, Sweet Tooth and Happy Trails. “You can’t employ the Moon Feather unless you acquire the Dragon Eye” Sweet Tooth explained. “On top of that, if you try to use it without the eye, the only bottle you can get is one of Insanity Syrup” Happy Trails clarified. Applejack was texting hey boyfriend, Thunder Bass. Big Mac was eating a bowl of Chunky soup (the kind you see in NFL commercials). Apple Bloom was reading a book. Even Granny Smith was doing her own thing. She was looking at a scrapbook of pictures that showed her during her younger days. Big Mac’s wife Cheerilee was teaching that day, so she couldn’t come. Thunderlane continued running, Babs continued to grumble, Apple Bloom remained rude, Braeburn kept laughing, Fiddlesticks kept quarrelling with Happy Trails and Sweet Tooth, Applejack had her eyes glued to her phone, Big Mac was slurping noisily, and Granny Smith was flipping pages in the book. Thunderlane had reached his limit, and said “Wait a minute!” and kicked the machine, which resulted in it hitting Caramel in the face, and knocking him down. “What the heck am I doing? I was told, it’s supposed to increase my cardiovascular wellbeing; I can understand that. Though, at the same time, I feel like a hamster running on a wheel. Why am I obligatory to act like a piece of furry, shiftless, indolent, slacker, vermin?!” Big Mac calmly set his bowl in the sink and replied “The reason you were using that Machine ‘O Crap-“Babs cut him off with the comment “I told you, it was the Super Workout Machine!” BM gave her a look to be quiet and said “Anyway, you were using it because, as you know, we are looking for somebody with promise for Equestrian Ninja Warrior, and you seemed like a pretty good fit.” Applejack interjected with “If his resilience and tolerance is anything to go by, he’s doomed to failure.” Big Mac also gave her the look, and she went back to texting. “Let me guess” Apple Bloom said covertly “The first opportunity you get, you’re going to send Thunder Bass some tit pics, aren’t you?” “At least I haven’t tried sexting previously, like you have” she shot back. “When did you do that?” Babs Seed questioned.  Big Mac decided to overlook the background discussion and said “So, the Machine ‘O Crap-““If you call it that again, I’ll bury you!” Babs Seed shouted. “The SUPER WORKOUT MACHINE may seem erratic; it should be of aid anyway.” “That doesn’t explain me feeling like a rodent” Thunderlane reiterated. “Oh come on Thunderlane” Fiddlesticks said. “You’ve always been a rodent.”

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