Applejack's Secret Life

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With another talent show coming soon, Applejack and Thunder Bass go on a search for stars.

Chapter 5 (v.1) - Search For True Talent

Submitted: May 21, 2017

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Submitted: May 21, 2017



Auditorium in Loneyville

“Okay” Thunder Bass said reading off a prompt “First up, we have Sonata.” Sonata Dusk skipped onto the stage and said “I’ll be reciting the mating calls of 21 different birds.” 16 minutes later, there were 21 different birds in the auditorium, including a toucan, albatross, robin, and parakeet. “So, what do you think?” Sonata asked. “I think I’m getting a headache” Thunder Bass said. “That’s because y’all have a woodpecker on your head.” Thunder Bass waved it away and said “Sorry Sonata. You’re really cute, but NEXT!” Sonata stomped off the stage and all of the birds followed her. Rumble came in next and sang “I’m too sexy for my sexy. I’m too sexy for my sexy. I’m too sexy for my sexy.” After the 3rd line he ripped off his shirt and flexed. Applejack said “Yer also too stupid for your stupidity!” Then, she threw him outside and slammed the door. A few minutes later, Diamond Tiara came in to audition and actually did a pretty good job until the end. At the end of her audition, she tried to break a bottle with her voice. “Ha, ah, ah. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” When let the scream go, she didn’t break the glass. Instead, she broke the glass cover of a phone booth, and the man inside said “I’ll have to call you back.” She also broke all of the windows of the auditorium, which made a horrific KREEEEEEEEESH! sound. She ended up cracking the lenses of Amp Atom’s glasses (since he was walking nearby). She even broke a mirror in the house next door, after Discord said “Who’s pretty?” “Next” Applejack said politely. “Hey! I deserve to be in this!” At that moment, Freight Train walked in, threw DT over his shoulder, and carried her out. “Okay. Next up is, my sister Apple Bloom.” Apple Bloom said “I’ll be singing “See You Again” by Wiz Coltlifa.” It’s been a long time . . . from where we began; I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again. After that ending line, Thunder Bass and Applejack were both crying. “You’re in” Thunder Bass said, once he calmed down. Apple Bloom walked out with a smile. Applejack wiped her eyes and said “Next is Turf.” Turf walked in, carrying a blender and set it down. “I created a machine that measures you’re body temperature and chooses a song based on that.” Applejack tried it our first. She placed her hand on the scanner, and the machine started playing “Party Rock Anthem.” When Thunder Bass tried it, it started playing “Supernova Girl.” Both of them put her in the show. After that, Applejack sighed in sadness. When Thunder Bass asked her what the problem was, she said she missed being able to spend time around Sunset Shimmer, just to keep her from picking on everyone else. “Are you saying you actually miss her?” TB asked incredulously. “No! I don’t miss her” Applejack replied. She actually put her hand on the scanner (since Turf was now with them) and it played “I’m missin’ you so bad-ly. I’m missin’ you-“and she said “Oh, who asked ya anyway?” to the device.

8 hours later

“It’s been 8 hours and we only have 11 acts” Thunder Bass said. “Well, I say we need at least 15” Turf said. The 2 of them agreed with her. The next act was 2 girls singing a very interesting song. “And thank you for keeping me holy and thank you for giving me holes to choose from. And since I’m not a godless whore, they’ll have to come in the back door. Therefore, f me in the *bleep* because I love Jesus, the Good Lord would want it that way.” Applejack immediately picked up the smaller girl, and threw her out. Thunder Bass called “Freight Train!” and FT came in, slung the taller girl over his shoulder and carried her out. “I may be naïve, but I don’t think the Good Lord would want it that way at all” Turf said. “You’re naïve, I’m irritated, and Applejack is exhausted. How nice” Thunder Bass said. “Can’t you just take in generic acts from around the city?” Turf asked. Applejack picked her head up and said “We didn’t even consider that.” “I’m such an idiot” Thunder Bass said in response.

A/N: He seriously didn’t think of that?

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