Applejack's Secret Life

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This shows Applejack's ability to match a piano with an argument.

Chapter 6 (v.1) - Piano Power Play

Submitted: May 24, 2017

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Submitted: May 24, 2017



Rarity’s House

“Thanks for lettin’ me practice my piano playing” Applejack told Rarity. “Don’t mention it, sweetheart” Rarity replied. “I was happy to see you take an interest in an instrument as sophisticated and chic as the piano.” AJ wanted to tell Rarity that she enjoyed doing sound effects with instruments, but figured Rarity would give her an earful about something as juvenile as that. Fortunately for her, Octavia would contribute the ideal opportunity for her to do just that. Octavia walked in (since Rarity was allowing house visits that day) and said “Wow Rarity, you look wonderful.” Rarity smiled and replied “Same to you, Octavia.” Octavia’s reply to that was “I meant as wonderful as possible concerning you being a mother now.” DUN DUN. . . DUN! Applejack was sensing menace, but didn’t want to ignore Rarity’s response. “At least you were smart enough to realize with your Goth phase that once you go black, there is no going back, since your collection is still as black as a burnt chicken . . . if you catch my drift.” DUN DUN . . . DUN! “Are you calling me a cock?!” Octavia exclaimed. “I was actually calling you a sad excuse for a woman.” Applejack played a really quick tune after that to symbolize an “OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!” reaction from viewers. “At least I know the distinction between safe sex and thoughtless neglect when it comes to doing it.” Dun Dun Dun Dun! Dun Dun Dun . . . DUN! “How dare you show such contempt towards me!” Rarity yelled. Octavia just shrugged and gave as a reply “Well, it looks like your PMS still hasn’t worn off.” DING . . . DING . . . DING! “I wonder what other people would say about that” Rarity said out loud. Thunder Bass said “I want a larger residence.” Apple Bloom cut in with “I want a king-size bed.” Sweetie Belle interjected with “I want a new sister!” and the maid who worked at Rarity’s house said “I’m expecting my pay packet.” Rarity’s reply was “No, no ,cute, and it’s in the mail.” DING DING. . . DUN! Applejack played as a rim shot. “You know what I can’t grasp?” Octavia asked. “More to the point the fact that since your husband is second-rate, you two will wind up having a baby that looks like Gollum from Lord of the Rings?” DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!! Applejack played, which was like people saying “Dammmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnn.” Octavia gave a huge overstated sigh and said “No. Rather, why you can’t just confess that this baby you and Rumble had is an awkward blunder for two people who are believed to be elegant.” Applejack was so bowled over by that statement, she couldn’t even play a note on the piano. Rarity was so quiet, it was like she was no longer breathing. She reared back and sent a hard slap to Octavia’s face! Octavia tackled Rarity and the two of them started to clash on the flooring! Applejack yelled “Uh oh!” Then played Dun DUN DUN Dun Ding Ding Ding Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun DING DIIING! (Somebody call 9-1-1. Shawty’s fire burning on the dance floor woah-ohhhh.) Thunder Bass ran down the stairs and tried to separate the 2 women, but Rarity grabbed him by his hair and threw him into the stairway! Big Mac ran down to help, but tripped over Thunder Bass and had a face-plant on the floor! Applejack was watching in an astounded hush. Rarity’s boyfriend Rumble ran in and said “Oh man! Never thought I would have to employ this pepper spray!” Sadly, he was holding it backwards, so he ended up spraying himself in the face! He said “Ahhhh! Help me! SOMEBODY HELP ME!” Applejack didn’t know what to do, so she just started playing “Chopsticks” on the piano, while Thunder Bass groaned, Big Mac was unmoving (though conscious), Rumble was screaming, and the 2 women uncontrollably screamed and tug on each other’s hair. Eventually, Sweetie Belle aimed a hose from outside at the entire inferno of chaos, and let loose an inundation of ice-cold water at everyone. The result was everyone being drenched, Rumble could finally see again, Big Mac regained his footing, and Thunder Bass was sputtering. “Are we just about done?!” She pointed her finger at the door and said “Octavia! You, Rumble, Thunder Bass and Big Mac please leave in a logical manner! In all my years, I have never seen people operate so inadequately!”

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