How Happy God Will Be

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This is an earnest granted gift of our days ahead. May you be blessed ever again. :)

Submitted: May 09, 2017

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Submitted: May 09, 2017



From your starting day,,
When you know God lived as your friend,
Before one special occasion filled with Gods love,
If you are one emissary in Gods peacekeeping force on our Earth,
How happiness sacrifice every last drop of blood on cross,
Today one happy God ask you to live upto this special freshness together lived for one humanities future,
In a time God knows your fate in the hands of a choice and its habits,
How happy God know you in this truth!


From your sealed darkness,
When youngest days God lived as your grants,
Beneath one darkness of spiritual delight may God own this heart,
If you lived one lifetime in Gods promise falling on our choices,
How hardest faith envy longest death of blindness on prayer,
Together our helpful God ask you to pledge our lifes upbringing for this special family forever in unconditional duty,
In a trust God owns your faith in the happiness of a mile beyond your mission here,
How happy God gave you knowledge in this trust!


For your story may admire,
When years lived God as your promise,
Blessed one kindness of faith may God show right choices,
If you bonded one knot in Gods weakness failing on our habits,
How harvest thank ever lived drowning of beauty on sacrifices,
Tomorrow our harvest Godly ask you to share living gifts for this special occasion far away in being who you are,
In a truth God kneal your forgiveness in the heart of a earnest grace born to forget,
How happy God keeps you well in these times!


For your days might adore,
When you loved God as your saviour,
Behind one greatness of our teachers gratitude may God forgive our wrong doings,
If you believe one avoidable act in Gods creation faithfuly unseen on our path,
How help giveaway earnest love divided of borders on faith,
Till our helplessness Godly ask you to sacrifice lifes gratitude for this special respect for deepest bond where you shine,
In a travel God brings your fairness in the help of a life lived to make most out of it,
How happy God kiss your dreams in this travel !


May you adore this grace,
For this grace brings love,
Where love gifts lived happiness,
Happy may you know God,
Godly this blessing help you,
How happy God will be your guardian forever,
When this kindness adore your character,
May God be happy sharing this goodness,
I know how happy God will be,
When you follow these steps in a lifetime ever,
This promise is the source of our eternal life,
A heaven your home lives its gifted blessing,
Be this light from the source of all souls,
To ignite inspiration timeless as a greatest kindness,
For being all you are where you live and shine always,
Let this be the ultimate wish of a lifetime ever lived together.

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