The Bad Boss

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Submitted: May 09, 2017

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Submitted: May 09, 2017



Fire and Brimstone, time for doom

That solitary person that walks into the room

A promise that promises more promises

And more hits that misses


A keeper of the rules who knows the favs

If him or her, they make sure they control the babes

Then the best of all gets served a backhand

That feels like cotton ball in a ball of fur stuck in a gland


Time for new decisions, time DUI, dying under influence

Time to pack some victims, with vice wearing virtue’s disguise

The puppy eyes, and soft tones follow, and the violin

The good boss tells that sorry about the out, the desire was in


Master chef of tough decision no one will cook

Such tough decision took no more effort than look

And comes back to the pack with those dry eyes

“I thought I was saving the Titanic. I had no idea it could capsize”


Picture the future when the bad boss boasts the loot

The followers that followed willingly to that heavy foot

Oblivious, the bad boss studies the options of the end

Remembers faces that smiled at him but none of them was a friend

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