A New Life

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A short story about life, love, and the latter possibilities

Submitted: May 09, 2017

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Submitted: May 09, 2017



Stuck. That is how she described her situations—the ones where her body was above the cars and buildings, her toes on the edge, hands in the air. Stuck. Not able to move. I asked her why she allowed her feet to walk up the stairs that led to certain death—the ones that steal life away bit my bit as her feet land softly on the cold hard cement. This moment, right now, was different. She was truly stuck, truly scared, and truly unsure of everything.

"Get down, Lacey. Please, you are scaring me." Silence. Her night gown flowed with the night breeze, a faint chatter of her teeth gave sign of the coldness, outside and inside. She was beautiful in all the wrong ways. Her curled hair softly bounced on her shoulders, the moon so bright reflecting on every perfect platinum strand. She envied the girls with long straight hair. The girls who had dark hair and dark eyes, the ones who could charm others into falling for their impeccable looks.

Silence. I stared at the petite frame that was shaped by lack of nourishment and overdosed by water. Her legs trembled, so did mine. They seemed to be synced together, shaking at the same pace and overtaken by fear. I wish they were synced. If so, I could turn around, remove her from the oh-so-horrid edge, and back to my arms. Oh how I would kill to have her placed in my arms, to have her safe and sound and warm. Silence.

"Jack?" More silence. She peered over her shoulder. Her icy blue eyes showed her sorrow—they showed how long she had been drowning in her own thoughts.

"Lacey, I am here. Please, come down." My voice shook violently. Her blue eyes pierced into my heart, leaving me breathless. Why is it that the most beautiful are eager to be someone else? She was perfect in all ways, but not in her ways. Silence.

"Jack, why should I? There are a million other people to love, to laugh with. Why am I so important to you, yet not close to good enough for myself? I cannot go on, Jack. I cannot continue with this life. As a writer once said, 'everything is momentarily sweet, yet wholly insubstantial.'" Silence. My breathing was off, my head was spinning and everything seemed to be moving too fast for my own good. "Besides, Jack, the taxis and the trains sound much more beautiful from up above. Everything is so much less intricate and strict from up above."

Oh how I wished to show her a life away from the binoculars of her own mind, how I wished to show her the true beauty and love and passion that was offered on a day to day basis. "Come here, darling." She stepped off the ledge and I felt my heart beat once again. It is funny how much time we put into other people, and how little time we put into ourselves. Her arms wrapped around my waist, her chest pressed against mine as if she was finally relieved, finally able to feel her own soul and all its majesty. A small whimper released from her mouth and tears drizzled down her cheeks. She was most beautiful like this, her heart beaten down and her eyes full of water. At this point, she was a cloudy sky after a thunderstorm. She allured me into this love, and I had no regrets.

"Jack, it must get exhausting. Always being afraid and scared of death, always driving across the biggest city in Italy to hold me, on top of a building, above the city lights." Lacey never understood why I loved her and why I did everything I do.

"Darling, I can never get tired of you." She smiled. Oh, that smile. How I had fallen in love with the curled corners of her mouth, the spark of happiness in her eye. One day, I want to fill her eyes with happiness. As the night grew, our emotions blossomed, growing together and intertwining like an overfilled flower pot. Her weeds withered away as we spoke about the upcoming future, the traveling and the different food on every menu, the ability to explore without feelings of loss, the fun of relying on a silly passport to grant us our way back home. Oh how wonderful the future could have been, how wonderful it should have been.

Lacey jumped the next evening. She took her leap to death boldly, without a single thought or fear. I imagined her feeling, thoughts, regrets, panics as her now motionless body fled our comfort zone, our safe place. I followed her steps. Everything blurred, everything went by so fast, so quick. Silence. Darkness. Nothing.

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