The Lonesome Li'l Birdie

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Bedtime story about importance of friends to be happy in life.

Submitted: May 09, 2017

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Submitted: May 09, 2017



Once upon a time, there was a small garden. In that garden, there were a few trees. On one of those trees, lived a little bird, called Li'l Birdie. She lived alone, and did not like anyone else to come near her nest, or her tree. If any other bird came and sat on her tree, she'd shout and make them go away.

Slowly, she grew up like this. She did not have any friends, as she did not talk to anyone in the garden. Gradually, she started feeling alone, really alone and lived sadly. One day, she decided she'd travel to a faraway mountain to see if she can be happy there.

So, one morning, she set off for the mountain. She flew for days and days, without stopping, without eating anything. In a week's time, she reached the mountain. It was very beautiful. It had lots of big green trees, full of different birds and animals. The Li'l Birdie stayed there for a few days. She talked to lots and lots of birds and little animals. Slowly, she became friends with a few of them. She felt happy that  she had friends around her. 

However, as she lived on the mountain, she realized she missed her tree, her garden. She wanted to be home! The next morning, she said bye to her friends on the mountain, and left for home. Again, she flew for a whole one week, and reached her home back. 

Once she was home, she started talking to other birds and animals in the garden. She made friends with squirrels, parrots, sparrows etc. She would spend time with them, play with them, and eat with them. 

Now that she had friends, she felt happier at home. And thus she lived happily ever after. 

Moral of the story: We should make a lot of friends. 


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