Lust and Murder

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PLEASE COMMENT AND CRITIQUE!-my goal is to get better don't be afraid to hurt my feelings.
After Farah's neglectful parents are put on trial for the murder of a fellow porn star, she must find the true killer despite her mental illness and drug abuse.
(This is not the entire script. I will publish that at a later date)

Submitted: May 09, 2017

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Submitted: May 09, 2017





 A loud shower head sprays water and produces steam…. We hear, Into Dust by Mazzy Star play over the loud humming of running water.  …WORKING TITLE: ILL REPUTE appears…blurs out of focus. Camera pans down from shower head to drain where empty beer bottles are left and female’s feet are gathered near the mess. Camera floats up to aerial view of entire shower revealing…

FARAH the perfect candidate for anti-drug PSA’s…FARAH is 16 but is aged in experience…pure self-destruction and hidden rage. She lays nude. Passed out propped up against the shower wall. Empty beer bottles at the end of her feet. The scene is soothing. Close up of her face resting peacefully as it is pelted by water.

Music stops and shower curtain is pulled back by a HOUSEKEEPER. The HOUSEKEEPER slaps FARAH awake while speaking to her angrily in Spanish. FARAH unfazed grabs bathtub edges and lifts herself out. Does not attempt to cover up body.

Camera with aerial shot pans over shower curtain rod as FARAH walks away from HOUSEKEEPER who turns off shower.


We follow her out of bathroom into bedroom. She collapses onto bed still drenched. A line of coke and alarm clock, time 8:26 am, can be seen on nightstand next to bed.

Close up of FARAH’s face, laying on pillow wet with running makeup…a distance from reality in her eyes...Multiple flashes of light make FARAH’s face scrunch up, she closes her eyes…the shuttering of camera lenses can be heard with the muffling of shower water running. We can hear multiple people calling out her name and asking questions.


FARAH! How close were your parents to ANNETTA GRAY?


FARAH! How do you feel about millions believing your parents killing ANNETTA GRAY?

 Barrage of off-screen reporters asking questions becomes louder and distorted into loud static. FARAH blinded by the rapid flashing camera lights turns over. Dead silence. She opens her eyes and we see…

 KEITH S. WRIGHT …30 years old...hard personality…stern and hyper-masculine…center frame, looking down at us. Arms crossed with newspaper in hand. 





 (looks at Rolex watch. Speaks in Boston accent)

It 3. Get up. Your parents are live.

FARAH lays on her side exposing herself. KEITH’s unfazed.


Get. Up.


You’re my bodyguard. Not my alarm.


You said you wanted to see the conviction.

FARAH lets out an annoyed sigh. Turns over and snorts the cocaine line off the dresser. The alarm clock reads 5 pm. KEITH turns on a wide screen television hanging across from bed. FARAH half-assed crawls under bed sheets. KEITH goes through multiple networks that are talking about a case dubbed the porn star murder before stopping on live showing of a courtroom.


A courtroom packed full of citizens, reporters and a group of middle-aged jurors. A LAWYER stands at a podium questioning a man on the witness stand.


(with conviction)

Are you aware that ANNETTA GRAY was in the same hotel room you checked into that night?

THE WITNESS is dressed in business suit with multiple facial piercings…he reeks of skeevy personality and aged angst. A quick smile appears on his face. THE WITNESS glances at A WOMAN sitting at the defense table. THE WOMAN…a postcard playboy bunny…all plastic. She smiles quickly at the WITNESS.


Answer Mr. Carter.

CARTER turns to the LAWYER.




Were you aware that she was intoxicated?

CARTER glances at the WOMAN once again.



The same scene replays.


Were you aware she was intoxicated?


(inappropriately happy)

Oh, my god! Yes!


Camera panning out revealing courtroom scene was close up of the television. KEITH stands leaning against FARAH’s bed frame. FARAH now clothed in a bathrobe, lays on top of bed comforter, completely dry with full face of makeup…strange bright red lipstick on…remote in hand.


You're quiet.

FARAH who lays on her stomach shakes her intense focus off the television…turns to KEITH with empty gaze. Her eyes dilated.



FARAH turns back to the television. The LAWYER turns pointing…courtroom camera pans out to…Horrendous gory crime scene photo blown up and projected on a’s a stabbed and dead ANNETTA GRAY.


You're never quiet.

FARAH is annoyed…turns back to KEITH.


My parents are on trial for murder KEITH.

KEITH: point taken, but not convinced. A strange mood shift in the room.


Do you remember that time we went to Miami? Your parents went to that filming convention?


There called porn conventions.

KEITH doesn’t skip a beat.


Remember how you fell from the hotel's balcony. Broke your femur?

FARAH doesn’t answer solidifying KEITH’s point.


You wouldn’t shut up. You were fucking joking you were so scared.


I’m not scared.



No. I know.

FARAH avoids looking at KEITH. Turns and reaches for a pack of cigarettes and a lighter on the nightstand where cocaine once was. A strange silence in the air. KEITH waits for FARAH to begin smoking before he speaks. Close up of red lips on cig.


You think they, did it?

FARAH puffs on her cig.

CUT TO: courtroom

LAWYER holding blood-stained knife up to MRS. CARTER on the witness stand.


Did you buy this hunting knife three weeks prior-?

MRS. CARTER smiles creepily…holds expression eerily long. MR. CARTER sits where MRS. CARTER ‘is’ and begins to laugh manically. Replay of scene.


Did you buy this hunting knife MRS. CARTER?

MRS. CARTER shakes her head no.



Camera focuses on bloody knife.

CUT TO: FARAH focusing with dilated eyes on the television. KEITH in background leaning against bed frame. FARAH not present.


I don’t know.

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