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I really don't know how to describe this story. I will be happy if you will describe my story and will you share your opinion too. Thank you very much all of you.

P.S. I am sorry for my English, I'm still learning it.
Yours sincerely Ana Gagani

Submitted: May 09, 2017

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Submitted: May 09, 2017






Author Ana Gagani



. . . I always believed that somewhere far was the other planet, such as beautiful and light as mine, with kind and loving people, like on my planet, but I was wrong. Here is not kindness on the earth, humans are ruining that beauty and light with their unkindness, freediness and selfishness which nature is giving them unselfishly.

. . . They are charming and beautiful, but their souls are dark and terrible. They do not know how to love, how to care for each other. They are living as if hungry and barefooted children are the mythological creatures, as if war and violence are fictional words and they are only have written in books.

. . . I did not need a long time to understand what does a lie, a pharisaism, a treason, a mockery, a freediness, selfishness mean and a lot of words which are humans life style. What does it mean to be a human? I do not think that here is someone who knows this words’s explanation, because they are living as monsters for a long time.




. . . Five hundred kilometers away from the capital city was little seaside city. There lived about thirty family. Tourists called “WHITE CITY”, because all houses were build with white stones. When the sea season was starting, the city was full of tourists and during three month for guest took place special festivals.

Big mountains were a little far from this city with beautiful coast. There was only one little house, with big terrace and a garden with a lot of flowers. The garden was ending at the sea coast. This house was closed almost the whole year , its owner was coming once in year, the last month of the summer with his dog. The house owner was a young tall, thin boy, with black hair, he had a little mole on the left cheek, a mole was making his handsome face more attractive. During one month no one was visiting to him, every morning he ran on the coast with his dog, they were swimming and playing together, then in the midday they were coming back home. He was always eating on the terrace, after dinner he was lying down on the hammok and was looking at the stars. Every day was the same, nothing was changing.

. . . it was five o’clock morning, when a dog started barking and did not stop, it was barking more and more loudly. A boy jumped up from the bed half sleeping and went out on the terrace, but the dog was not there, only its barking could be heard. He turned on the outward lights and called the dog a few times, but it did not stop. A boy entered the house, took the mobile and went down on the coast.

- Bony! Bony!

But the dog did not stop however, it was in the water and was looking at one point, he came on to Bony and hugged it.

- Bony! What’s happened? What did you frighten?

Bony stopped barking and started purring.

- Calm down, no one is here except us.

Bony finally calmed, a boy took it in the bathroom and dried its fur with hair dryer and let it to sleep on his bed. He could not sleep anymore, put on the long jacket and went out on the terrace. He was standing till a daybreak and was singing a same melody in a low voice.





. . . next day did not look like an august, sky was hazy and sea was very heavy. In spite of that the bad weather a boy and his dog went to run. They were quite far from the house, when a boy saw a girl, which was dressed in only black clothing. She was standing far from them. The girl had very long black hair, she was looking at the sea. The boy did not continue a way and ran back to the house, Bony was running ahead of him. When they entered home strong rain and storm started . He faster closed all windows and entered the bathroom. While he was taking a shower someone was calling at home phone and on mobile too.

Bony was very afraid of the storm, it faster prowled under the coffee table and was looking at afraid from there. When a boy went out from the bathroom, someone called again on the house phone. He checked the number and lied down on the sofa. After a few phone calls a woman left a voice message.

- Leo where are you? Why did not you answer my calls?

How many times I have to say the same. I am sure you

are listening to me and repeating my words.

He smiled because, he really was repeating Vanda’s words, when she was grumbling.

- Neccesarily call me tomorrow morning. I want to talk about your concert.

When Vanda finished talking, Leo turned on the music in a low voice, then turned off all lights in the house, only one light was lighting on the terrace. He closed the eyes , was listening to music and he was singing in a very low voice. The rain stopped soon and a storm passed too. Bony came to the window and again was looking at the one point and was purring. After a few minutes it went out and went down on the coast. Bony was looking at something as if there was someone in the sea.

Next day the sky was such a clear that as though there was not rain and storm at night. Leo woke up at six o’ clock morning as usual and when he saw dirty footprints on the white carpet. He angrily shouted, faster ran on the terrace, stopped in front of the Bony’s house and started stamping. Bony guessed that leo was angry and he put down his big fluffy forepaws on the eyes. Leo was still stamping.

Leo – Will you come out Bony? Or prefer to be hungry whole day?

Bony started purring and prowled more deep inside.

Leo – OK! I will go now to eat very delicious bacon, then again bacon, in the evening again bacon.

Bony loved a bacon too much and when he heard about it, faster went out from his house and barked to leo. . .


To be continued


© Copyright 2018 Ana Gagani. All rights reserved.

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