It's only what you think

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Submitted: May 09, 2017

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Submitted: May 09, 2017



Its just a voice. It's only just a voice. But is it? Is it only what they say? A voice. From where? In your head. It's all in my head. Why, why do you torment me so? Crazy are the bells sounding in my head. Crazy, echoes itself around the walls of my mind. Crazy you are. But crazy am I? 

When will it stop? A pill won't do. No, take two. Ten more later, I'm all over the floor. Never did I once think, there could be more. CRAZY, CRAZY, it's all in my mind. Nobody can hurt me, the power is mine! All over the place, so fast time can't keep up the pace. The past is gone, but here I still stand. Flying and falling, but still I stand. I hate it here, with the power in my hand.

pink, blue, white and round, all of the magic I've found. In the back of the cupboard, the voice will always hover. Holding this pain, it's a tired old game, but I play anyway. Any way to get away from this addiction I pray. Hold me close, please stay near. I can't possibly go on without you here. Yelling, no I'm SCREAMING, till I no longer have a voice. Till I no longer have a choice. 

It has come, time, she has won. Now the wait has finally begun. Just close your eyes, and hope for no tomorrow. A place with no more sorrow. Time was never mine, always something borrowed. I love it here, in this world I have created. A secret portal. 

Forever in eternity, 

forever immortal

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