New Age: Sibling Rivarly

New Age: Sibling Rivarly

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Eiji get's Asaka to the facility in time to save her. Hiro and Saburo get in an argument. Now Hiro and Taro have a fallout, Shiro and Arata come to terms with a past friend and Vanessa and Takumi take a new step towards their relationship. Yuki and Jake have relationship problems.
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Eiji get's Asaka to the facility in time to save her. Hiro and Saburo get in an argument. Now Hiro and Taro have a fallout, Shiro and Arata come to terms with a past friend and Vanessa and Takumi take a new step towards their relationship. Yuki and Jake have relationship problems.

Chapter1 (v.1) - New Aftermath

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AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Book four, Hiro and the gang is back but not everything is the same. Hiro is a vampire! So enjoy. Chapter One of book four.

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Submitted: May 09, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 09, 2017



Chapter One: New Aftermath

Eiji rushed into the facility while some hunters fixed up the hole in Vanessa’s office as Yuki, Jake, Isao, Takumi, Mizuki, Kurou, and Thomas were in the main area as they saw and heard Eiji.

“Help!” Eiji shouted out holding Asaka as Takumi stood up straight as he saw the woman with him.

“Who is that?” Thomas asked as they rushed her to the medic area.

“Her name is Asaka. She was attacked by these men in historic like clothes.” Eiji explained as Yuki looked shocked looking up at Eiji.

“Wait, I thought she was dead. Tell me you weren’t in contact with her after the whole fiasco back in ten seventeen.” Yuki told him as Eiji shook his head no.

“Hold up, ten seventeen? You guys told us you were sixteen. How old are you really?” Takumi asked as Yuki cleared his throat.

“Well, by human days we’re a couple thousand years old. In vampire years we are only sixteen years old.” Yuki answered as Jake looked shocked at them.

“You see, uh vampires age one year every thousand years. So, in vampire rules I’m seventeen, Eiji and Saburo are sixteen. Except in human rules we’re closer to seventeen thousand years old.” Yuki explained as the doctor checked Asaka.

“Wait, so how old is Isao?” Jake questioned looking over at him as he just smiled at him.


“Hiro, we are going to be talking about this.” Saburo shouted out as Hiro and he barged into the facility.

“How about you kiss my ass and leave me the fuck alone.” Hiro shouted out as the others walked out of the medic area looking at them.

“Hiro, this is not up for a debate.” Saburo shouted out grabbing his arm before he turned around grabbing Saburo by his throat.

“Touch me again, and I’ll show you just how angry I can be.” Hiro growled out slamming him against the wall as Yuki, Isao, Jake, and Eiji rushed over to them pulling Hiro away.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Yuki shouted out looking at Hiro as he swung his fist at him. Yuki moved over grabbing his fist twisting it behind his back.

“Listen, you don’t want to go head-to-head with a royal vampire who has seventeen thousand years under his belt.” Yuki growled out as Hiro fell to the floor shouting out in pain before Yuki let him go.

“Now, what in the hell happened?” Yuki asked helping Hiro up as Saburo cleared his throat.

“Hiro here, went after Taro and kicked the crap out of Arata and him. I had to order him to stop.” Saburo sighed getting up as Hiro rolled his eyes.

“You’re kidding, Hiro what the hell is wrong with you?” Yuki asked gripping his arm tightly.

“I was mad, sorry. Let go now!” Hiro shouted out trying to get his arm away.

“Eiji is going to take you back to the mansion and you’re going to sleep since you haven’t had any sleep for the last two days.” Yuki growled out gripping Hiro’s arm even tighter.

“Yes, okay.” Hiro shouted out before Yuki let his arm go and Eiji gripped his other arm pulling him.

“Okay, let’s get going.” Eiji ordered as he dragged Hiro to the car in the underground parking lot shoving him into the car buckling him up.

“You don’t have to baby me. I can buckle myself.” Hiro growled out at Eiji before he wrapped a open seat belt around his mouth tightening it.

“Yeah, shut up.” Eiji told him tying his hands with the passenger side seat belt before getting in the driver's seat driving towards the mansion.

“Hmff.” Hiro grunted trying to undo the seat belt but by the time he was able to undo one of the knots Eiji pulled into the driveway.

“You really aren’t going to leave me much of a choice of using that sedative are you?” Eiji questioned as he opened the car door where Hiro was at as he undid the seatbelt gag.

“No, now let me go so I can go after Taro before I hurt you!” Hiro shouted out as Eiji shook his head.

“Sorry, no can do.” Eiji chuckled injecting Hiro with a strong sedative causing him to fall asleep as Eiji carried him into the mansion setting him on the couch.


“Hey, sorry to bother you guys so soon after everything that went down, but it seems like we have a werewolf killing kids.” Thomas spoke out walking up to the group of friends in the medic area.

“With everything going on, I think investigating is the worst thing we could do.” Yuki spoke out before Asaka started seizuring with foam coming out of her mouth.

“What the hell?” Saburo questioned looking at her as Vanessa ran over checking the blood sample from before.

“She was poisoned by copper.” Vanessa shouted out as Saburo, Yuki, and Isao backed up from her.

“What does that mean?” Jake asked reaching out to hold Asaka down before Yuki tugged him back.

“Copper is a highly poisonous material to vampires. Touching someone who has been poisoned and has begun to seizure is a guaranteed way of passing it on.” Yuki explained as Vanessa rummaged through the cabinets before grabbing a needle injecting Asaka with something causing her to stop seizuring.

“What did you give her?” Saburo asked looking over at Vanessa.

“Well, when the agency found out that copper was poisonous to vampires they made an antidote to it.” Vanessa told them as Yuki chuckled looking at her.

“Do you have them for any kind of copper?” Yuki questioned as the others looked at him.

“Yes, but not in stock. We’d have to order it.” Vanessa told him as Yuki nodded as he took the file from Thomas.

“So, werewolf in the high school? Let’s get going.” Yuki told them as they left.

Saburo, Yuki, and Jake walked into the high school after school ended for the day looking around.

“So, why are we here in the middle of the night? Shouldn’t we be here while there are students here?” Jake questioned as Yuki shook his head.

“No, our sense of smell will be better without other kids roaming the halls.” Saburo told him as they reached a four-way cutoff.

“Jake, you go straight, Saburo, you go left and I’ll go right.” Yuki told them as they nodded splitting up.

“If you run into a werewolf run fast!” Saburo shouted out to Jake as he waved to him continuing to walk as Yuki stopped by a classroom looking in it not seeing anything as he moved on.

“Okay, so walking alone in a school that may have a werewolf. Nothing to be scared about, just yet.” Jake sighed to himself as he was getting to some stairs before a classroom door crashed open and someone came racing out of it heading up the stairs. Jake jumped back before chasing after the person. Saburo and Yuki both heard the door crashing open as they raced up the stairs.

“Stop moving.” Saburo growled out grabbing Jake as Yuki tackled the person running to the ground.

“Get off me!” The man shouted out trying to get away from Yuki as he pinned him tighter.

“Who are you?” Yuki growled out as the kid looked up at him.

“Should have known a vampire would be the one to catch me.” The teen growled out as Yuki smirked.

“Name, now!” Yuki growled out as the teen flinched slightly looking at him as Yuki tightened his grip.

“My name is Kenny.” The teen growled out at him as he kneeled him in his stomach jumping up.

“Why are you killing people?” Saburo questioned looking over at Kenny who rolled his eyes.

“I’m not killing anyone, I came here because I wanted to find the person who was killing.” Kenny told them as Yuki got up dusting himself off.

“Then who do you think was killing kids?” Saburo questioned as Jake turned around backing up.

“Uh guys, you may want to look at that.” Jake spoke out as the three looked over seeing a kid hung up with his stomach slit open with no guts, intestines, and stomach with in he kid.

“Oh god, what the hell happened to this kid?” Yuki questioned walking up to the body looking around without touching anything.

“Wendigo.” Saburo growled out sniffing the air as Jake turned around seeing someone outside starting a car driving off.

“He’s outside!” Jake shouted out jumping down the stairs slamming the doors open running over to where the car was at finding a puddle of blood on the ground.

“He’s fast.” Yuki spoke out looking around not seeing Kenny as they heard police sirens.

“Come on, we’ve got to go.” Saburo told them as they left heading back to the facility.


Hiro woke up on the couch later that night looking around seeing Eiji in the kitchen about to get up before Eiji appeared in front of him holding a cup up to his lips.

“Drink this, you must dying of hunger.” Eiji told him as Hiro nodded taking a sip from the cup before turning around spitting it out.

“Ugh, what the hell? Is that blood?” Hiro shouted out pushing the cup out of Eiji’s hand as it crashed onto the floor with the blood staining the carpet.

“Yeah, it’s what vampires eat.” Eiji responded looking down at the carpet.

“Do you not remember I’m not a normal vampire. I can eat human food.” Hiro complained getting up grabbing a cup filling it with water.

“Yeah I do remember but there’s no human food in this household. So blood will have to do.” Eiji spoke out as Hiro gurgled.

“Nope, not drinking blood. Especially if it’s as disgusting as that crap.” Hiro told him as he grabbed his jacket.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Eiji questioned getting up looking over at him.

“There’s a twenty-four-seven fast food place near here, I’m getting some real food.” Hiro responded walking out the door as Eiji sighed following after him.

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