Poem: Zuck Happy birthday

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Submitted: May 09, 2017

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Submitted: May 09, 2017



Socrates red carpet unfold, It vomit ink “MAN KNOW THY SELF”

Santa in inn giving gifts to well fed women on Sunday

Women reach climax in pain, Gift in tears on Monday

Lion is a crown fit fashionista, he was sworn in not because he was feared

But the lion was a consistent eater, He ate balance diet(Food)

Those who rule their gifts, Crown fits

Majority begs and lead them to compass to drive their ships

Am Socrates seed “MAN KNOW THY GIFT”

A Man greatest discovery is two, The First one

Is when a man sight his gift, He sells his earth

And plant himself in his gift and hugs faith

Many relied on four walls mountain for a future

Educere means to bring up a child in his lane

The GREAT AUTHOR in the GREAT BOOK wrote your tomorrow

Don’t celebrate if your kingdom cannot feed from your barrow

A king in the ring with no belt, He is a featherless bird

Your gifts sits you on greatness table, And dine with Gold

Master lives in the secret for forty days, He is the greatest man

14th of May is not a celebration of a man

It is celebration of a world, Zuck is gift to our planet

Happy Birthday to the social network messiah


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