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Submitted: May 09, 2017

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Submitted: May 09, 2017



Tell me already 

Talk to me 

You probely think I deserve it dont you

Tell me how you feel 

Tell me I wast my time lying

Tell me im worthess 

Tell me your life was better off without me in it 

Come it 

Talk to me 

Tell me already

Tell me my life should be over

Talk to me and blame me for all the things I did wrong

Tell me im fake

do it

I desreve it dont I

Now do you feel acomplished

Taking me down for 4 four years straight

All my happiness gone... 

All my laughter gone...

It´s over

my life...

And you did it

Do you feel acomplished now

My friends gone...

Now do I deserve it

Was this what you wanted

Am I that useless

Tell me

Dont be shy

You can trust me right

Or are you scared that ill backstab you like you did me

Was our friendship a lie

Did you care

Was I just a target

Tell me

Do I deserve to be happy

Talk to me 

Can I laugh for real 

Or continue to fake smile

Do you feel acomplished 

Is this the final truth 







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