Employer Series #7: Misfits in Mullingar

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Submitted: May 09, 2017

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Submitted: May 09, 2017



"Come on Eddy! Pick up!" exclaims Lillian as she speeds down the highway.

"Hi, you've reached Emp" proclaims the voicemail, "Go fuck yourself after the beep!"


"Got your missing techie zapped and gift wrapped", states Lillian, "tell me where to deliver-"

"Who tases people in the face?!" asks the now awake Davision trying to nibble through the zip tie around his wrists.

"An efficient kidnapper", says Lillian, efficiently hiding how much she was just startled. She points a pistol at Davison's face. "Shut. The fuck. Up." Davison goes silent and still. They continue down the highway.

"Um...Mam?" utters Davison.

"Sandwich! Floor!" states Lillian as she cuts his wrists restraints. He fumbles around the floor and grabs a brown sack. He opens the sack and pulls out a sandwich and takes a bite.

" Smoked turkey and pastrami! No friggin way!" exclaims Davison as he shoves more into his mouth. "Is this honey wheat?!"

"It's a sandwich!" declares Lillian, hiding her flattery.

"Well, it's amazing!" says Davison after gasping for air, "Emp never gave me food...only-”

"A wildly effective mix of recreational drugs and sedatives?" interjects Lillian with a slight smirk.

"Exactly!" says Davison.

"Yeah, those guys have quite a vendetta against sobriety", declares Lillian. They share a laugh after a brief silence. Their laugh is interrupted by a barrage of bullets. The back windshield smashes but remains intact.

"What's going on?!" cries Davison as he sinks into his seat. The masked man speeds past the vehicle, attaching a device to the front windshield.

"Shit!" yells Lillian, as she recognizes the device instantly. The device begins to emit an ultrasonic wave that shatters the front windshield completely just as the man makes a u-turn and speeds head on towards the cruiser. Lillian draws a knife as the man prepares to leap from the bike.

"Why do you have a knife? He has a gun!" questions Davison as he peaks over the seat, "No way!-" The man leaps masterfully into the passenger seat.

"Don't fuck with me, Savi!" demands Lillian as she thrusts the blade towards the masked man's neck.

"I haven't heard that name in awhile", states the masked man as he catches her wrist before delivering a back hand, breaking the glass with Lillians head. Lillian, seemingly unfazed, replies with a swift elbow to the masked man's jaw.

"You don't even chase bounties! Why are you here, traitor?!" asks Lillian as the fighting continues. The car begins to swerve.

"I've stayed loyal to the man that saved our lives, Lil. How am I the traitor?" asks the masked man as he disarms Lillian, sending the knife flying out of the cruiser.

"He's dead, Savrin! You're loyal to yourself only!" yells Lillian as she tries to go for the mask. What happened at that compound?! I've seen you cut through whole squads in minutes! You could've-"

"It would've been against his wishes." states Savrin, keeping his signature calm tone, "much like your actions right now. Which is why I'm here."

"Um!-" shrieks Davison.

"Not now!" exclaims Lillian just before she slams into the pile of cop cars blocking the entrance to the city of Mullingar. Savrin is thrown from the cruiser. "What the hell?" asks Lillian as she slides out of the driver door, "Who the fuck blocks an entire road?"

"An efficient agent" answers a man as he steps into view atop the wreckage, "I take it you're who Emp wants me to rendezvous with. Where's the new techie?"

"Stay in the car, kid" orders Lillian as she walks towards the man. "Shit! How is he alive?!" she thinks to herself.

"Good to see you in good health, fair Lillian." states the man with a sinister grin, now bowing.

"I saw your neck snap, Nevlin!" exclaims Lillian, "How are you here?!"

"You and I both know how this is possible", states the man, "our sadistic friend, the good Dr. Tenisett".

"He's never one to pass up a check", says Savrin before delivering a volley of punches and kicks to Nevlin's face, hoping to quell the storm early. He sends Nevlin flying through the windshield of one of the cruisers. "Whatever Emp's bounty is he'll double it, just get the kid to Dublin. He'll find you."

"Who?" asks Lillian, slightly puzzled.

"Gramps" answers Savrin as he turns back towards Nevlin's direction. His answers is everything Lillian was hoping for. With confirmation that her only family is still alive, she snatches Davison from the car and makes a break for it.

"I want double!" says Lillian as she makes her way past the blockade and into town. "Come on, kid" she commands as she makes her way to a parked car, " I'm taking you to Dublin!"

"I think I know that guy!" states Davison as they take off.

" Yeah, me too..." replies Lillian, more effected by the recent events than she lets on. She goes silent for awhile, before abruptly asking, "Who the hell are you anyway? I mean you don't look like you belong in any of this, let alone know what's going on!"

"Well..." starts Davison as he looks off into space, "I was shot up, kidnapped, drugged with super weed, told I was needed to decrypt some hard drives, shot up again, shot at again, and then-"

"The hard drives! Tell me about that part!" commands Lillian. Davison shares what he remembers from his kidnapping and recruitment as they make their way to their destination. " Emp...that wreckless idiot", utters Lillian with a slight smirk.

"-and after I got to the cart, my memory kinda goes blank...except you tasing me in the face" says Davison as he turns his attention back to Lillian, "I can see that over and over and-."

"Knowing Emp and his crew of misfits, you're probably better off not knowing what happened" confesses Lillian, "and I'm sorry about your face...but if you're such a grade A tech wiz chosen by hand, why are you...well, such a bitch?" she asks with slight hesitation.

"...Genetics?" answers Davison, shrugging helplessly. They continue to Dublin, unaware of the eyes fixed dead upon them.

"I always knew I would be the one to slit that little throat of yours" utters the woman as she watches the two escape, "Lillian, dear sister, I swear you'll feel a thousand times the pain I felt the day you ran me through. Then, you'll die, again." She grabs at the scar across her belly, the feul from which her hatred burns.

"I should've went with the money pitch sooner", jokes Savrin as he takes another step towards Nevlin, now free from the vehicle and ready for a confrontation. "You don't have your whips? That's not like you, partner."

"You spoke just a tad bit too soon, partner." admits Nevlin as he extends his palms away from his body. Extending from those palms are two five meter long metallic, tentacle like whips.

"Tenisett was never one to disappoint", says Savrin as he readies himself for combat.

"And am I to believe you have no blades? No gadgets?" asks Nevlin, grinning ear to ear as to broadcast his murderous intent.

"Like I said", replies Savrin, cool and calm, "The good doc was never one to disappoint."


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