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commentary - this was written specifically for my ex. I wasn't sure she was reading my stuff when I wrote this but from the lack of reaching out I figured she wasn't. I later learned she sometimes
reads my postings.

Submitted: May 09, 2017

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Submitted: May 09, 2017





tell me love, can you really see no good?

We woke up in the same bed for years

And now you simply don’t wanna…

I’m sorry for my old ways

When I was young and acted crazy

I did unforgivable things

They keep me up at night

They tell me why you left

You said you can't trust me

I understand why you’d say that, but I got to say it makes me mad

The sins I committed are in a time frame

After that they went away

I apologize for saying it makes me mad, I guess I’m more hurt

But so were you when I did those things

Hearing it from your side makes me feel worse

I didn’t want to think about the consequences

I wanted to sweep it all under the rug and let God sort it out

But that’s not how it works

You held it in and I’m not welcome anymore

I know shit was fucked up for years

But we were family

Hard to swallow that doesn’t matter anymore

You treat me cold and you treat me like a stranger

Like we never laughed and talked

Like we didn’t have a life together

That’s ok, because you're making it clear you despise me

From one week to the next you're forgetting all about me

I understand that you don’t want to open up

But why not?

Smash my TV, cut up my new jeans

Dream about all the new guys youre fucking

If that’s the person you want to be that’s fine

You constantly say “I’m, a free ass woman”

But I know you and your losing grip on the gold you were holding

People are telling me the awful ways you are, are simply who you’ve always been

But you plugged it up cause you were afraid?

You act like 24/7, I was a monster

I guess it makes you feel better when you wipe your ass with my heart

One week we have sex, the next “it's just weird”

Stop dwelling on the terrible, I was there and I swear I saw you smile

Night after night, mile after mile

Can you understand I wasn’t right in the head?

When I kept us locked away

I didn’t know what was going on and the marijuana just dulled the pain

You stayed for the bad, and refuse to give the good a try

That’s nice you can decide


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